July 09, 2012

I went to Katipunan earlier to withdraw my week's allowance and to send my netbook home through JRS express. I was surprised by how expensive it was to transfer the  laptop from here to Mindanao. There were three things that I paid for: freight fee, insurance and crate. The freight fee was dependent of the mass of the stuff I have to send. Kuya weighed them all (the netbook with battery, the charger, the laptop bag, etc.). It was 2 kilos and something and it cost P270. There was also a fee for insurance and the amount was 2% of the value of the laptop. So I have to pay P240 for it. Then there was a payment for the crate. The kuya said that the box should be put in a crate to prevent it from being warped if ever it will be put over by a heavy object. And the crate cost me P150. Ooops, I didn't ask kuya if we can have the crate. So that next time, we wouldn't pay for it if there is a chance in the future that we'll send a laptop.haha That was it, a total of P660. For me, it was quite expensive. But what can I do, there is no other way.
*CRATE* photo source here
The kuya told me to buy a bubble wrap. I asked him what was it. Yes, I didn't know what it was. He described it and all. I let out a laugh after realizing what it was. Oh God, after all this time, I didn't know the term until then of the plastic that I used to pop. Now I know what it is called, bubble wrap! To tell you the truth, it was also just there that I learned its purpose.hehe. Oo na, ako na ang slow! Yes, kuya explained to me because I was complaining to him about how much I don't want to be hassled to go to National Bookstore just to buy something that I deemed insignificant. The Kuya said, "Pwede ka namang hindi bumili pero pwedeng masira laptop mo pag hindi mo yan poprotektahan ng bubble wrap." (Sorry guys, I'm tired to translate that one.) Because I can't risk it, I went to NBS and bought one.
*BUBBLE WRAP* photo source here
The kuya informed me that it will arrive tomorrow. Wow great, that is just fast. But base from our previous experiences with them, it didn't really arrive a day after. They were telling their costumers the ideal time without considering the problems that would come along the way. But it's okay if the package wouldn't arrive tomorrow, the one who will use it will be at home only on Saturday. They just have to make sure that the items are in good condition.

The rain poured heavily as I was leaving the JRS building. I then went to Mercury Drug to buy something. I read Ms. Ile's blog review of a product and I was influenced to try it. Maybe, it will work to my weird, oily, pimply skin. The rain was still at rage and I didn't have the energy to battle it. So I went to Mang Inasal, just beside the Mercury Drug and had my dinner. As I was waiting for my order, there around 10 individuals who were eating two tables away from my back. They were silent and I realized that they were all mute. I was suddenly crushed, yeah, I didn't cry this time, the heart just crushed. I was crushed by how selfish I was. I was complaining mentally by how I lack so many things where in fact, I have a lot more things to be thankful for. Just by having no disability is already a big thing to be thankful for. They were happy. Then I should be happy too, no matter what.

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Diane Writes said...

I share the same issues with JRS and other shipping companies. My only consolation with them is that they never failed me yet... all my packages were delivered safe.. though not on time. Between the fast but lousy and slowly but surely, I'd rather go for the latter. By the way, I'm familiar with the places you mentioned. I live in a nearby place :)

Have a great day!

jill-yan said...

In fairness to them, the package I sent arrived the next day. :)


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