July 06, 2012

new baby!

Yey! I've got a new baby! Sorry previous baby, I have to replace you because there are so many things that you cannot do. It hurts me to let go of you but please try to understand, you're not really much of a help anymore. I will miss you though.

This is my third baby and I have to name it! They say that it will last longer when you give it a name. And since THOR is so popular right now, I am naming him THOR!hehehe! Hello there Thor, please be with me as long as possible.

The picture is captured from Thor's 1.3 MP built-in camera. The theme is, KISS MY FEET, BABY! hehehe

Yes, Thor is my new laptop.

Thank you parenthood for giving me P14K and thank you self for your P8K from your OJT salary. Now, I've got a new laptop! Yey!

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