July 30, 2012


freak out!

It will be my graduation pictorial tomorrow and I have two big pimples! So NICE! I rely on the make-up artist, the photographer and his beautiful camera that in spite of my face, the pictures will still come out good. The grad pic should be epic because it's as significant as a wedding pic, right? If you ask me if I'm prepared, absolutely NOT! I don't even have a concept for my creative shot yet. Good luck na lang sa akin tomorrow.

By the way, somebody gave me KitKat today. Do I look happy? Hmmm.. Not that much, because that somebody was just me.hahaha. I am not such a fan of chocolate but when the chocolate has wafers, oh la la la, I'd love it to bits.

That's all, thank you.
I hope that you weren't harassed by my face.hehehe.

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