July 15, 2012

Sentimental Value

I just arrived here in my dorm from helping my nephew in solving stuff in college algebra at McDo Katips. Tomorrow will be his first exam in Math 11 and I was happy that I was able to share my knowledge to him. Last time, I failed to help him because it was biology. :( Gosh, biology here is so f*cking hard.  

Uhmm yeah, I have a nephew who also studies here. He calls me Ate and not Auntie or Tita and that's a relief. My nephew's grandfather is the eldest child who married at a young age and my father is the youngest who married late (32 to be specific). Thus, causing the age gap of us, cousins. When I was just a baby, my cousins were already in college.

Aside from studying in Math 11, we talked a lot of stuff. It is amazing that we can talk many things these days. Before, we were like strangers. We didn't talk to each other. We were both introverts so neither of us wanted to start a conversation. In addition to that, we really didn't have anything in common, so what was going to be talked about? But now is different. We are both studying in the same university. We could talk about our experiences here and we could understand each other. He was sharing about his roommates, teammates, professors, subjects and more.. And I could relate.

Just this week, he was being robbed in a jeepney. His necklace was being snatched along with his wallet. He was still thankful because his watch and cellphone weren't included. The loss of the wallet brought so much hassle to him, causing him to borrow money from his friends. But then, what gave him more pain was the necklace. It had a sentimental value. He owned it since grade 2! Imagine that, he is already in 2nd year of college now. So that was around 9 years ago! That is definitely a depressing thing. I also lost something which had a sentimental value to me and I felt his pain.

Hay, I am being reminded by it today. :( When I graduated in elementary, my mother gave me a gold-plated watch which I kept bugging her to buy me that time. She promised to give it to me when I graduate. I used it for a span of five years and lost it when I stepped in college. I lost it in my dorm's cubicle. I remember, when I went home, mama noticed that I was not wearing it and she asked me where was it. I lied. It was so hurting to say the truth. I told her that I left it in UP. She didn't believe me and said, "Ah, you lost it." She was not convinced that I forgot to bring something valuable to me so without hesitation, she concluded that it was lost. She didn't get mad. She never scolded me. I just saw a pang of regret in her eyes. 

Losing it was like I took for granted my mother's love for me. It absolutely feels like that. If by any chance I'd find it from somebody's hand (assuming that I could still recognize it), I'd pay her even 10 times its price JUST TO GET IT BACK.

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