July 28, 2012

The Mouse, The Niece and I

I just want to share a funny conversation that transpired two months ago when I stayed at my cousin's house in Pasig. I hope that you find it funny too. Mwahahaha.

My 6-year-old niece and I were at the living room. I couldn't remember anymore what I was doing but the niece was texting using her mother's cellphone. She was still starting to learn using the said technology. Then,

Niece: Ate, nag-text ako sayo. Basahin mo.
(Ate, I just sent you a message. Read it.)
Me: Wala dito ang cellphone ko, nasa taas. Kunin mo na lang.
(My cellphone isn't here, it's in the bedroom. Just get it.)
Niece: Saan mo nilagay?
(Where did you put it?)
Me: Malapit lang sa mouse.
(It's near the mouse.)
So the niece went upstairs, opened the bedroom door, closed the door again and called me..
Niece: Ateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Me: Bakit?
Niece: Eh natatakot ako eh.
(I'm scared.)

For a second, I tried to analyze why she got scared. And then it dawned on me, she thought that the mouse that I was referring to was the scary animal. I also realized that she didn't know that 'mouse' is the term to the thing that she's been using to scroll, to zoom, to point and to click on their personal computer.
Me: hahahaha! Hindi daga ang tinutukoy ko! Yung mouse, yung ginagamit mo sa computer na hinahawakan ng kanang kamay mo. Yung ginaganito mo oh (sabay demonstrate).
(It's not the animal that I'm talking about. The mouse, it's the one that you're using that you're holding on your right hand while you're using the computer.)

She went back to the room and finally got my cellphone. She checked it and the message she sent to me didn't arrive. Her mother then told her that her cellphone has no load. Nyahahahaha.

That's my niece. Kids are funny most of the time because they still do not know a lot of things. :)) Admit it, ignorance is humorous.

Speaking of mouse, I bought one this month. I was frustated before with the mouse that I purchased from CDR King. Although it was only P150, the performance sucked and it only lasted for around two weeks. It was not even worth the price. They should have sold it for around P50. So from that experience, I resolved on buying an expensive one to get a good performace and longevity.

P950 for a mouse for me is a pain in the pocket. But it's really okay, it's working well, so well. And besides, it has a one year warranty. I'm highly confident that this would last long.

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