August 10, 2012

Another Blog

I have a thing for quotes especially those from books I read. In order to remember them, I wrote them somewhere whether  here on my blog, on my twitter account, on my facebook account (private mode) , on a notepad or on my personal journal. I find happiness on reading those quotes again, the quotes that I could relate to or I strongly agree with or has touched me in a way.

As I was reading Norwegian Wood earlier, I suddenly thought of creating a blog which would contain all the quotes that I find worth noting for from the books I read. I just realized that I have to have a place where I could find them all there, just them. So the I want to be a worm, a bookworm! was born. I should have done it long before, oh well, the idea just came earlier. Better late than never, you know.

By the way, you might ask why I did choose tumblr for that blog. Simple, tumblr has a reblog option and those quotes are meant to be reblogged if that person finds it worth noting for.

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