August 21, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom

One of my minor childhood dreams came true last Sunday, August 19, 2012. Finally, I was able to visit Enchanted Kingdom! The child in me was so very happy that after years of waiting, I got to ride the space shuttle! Yes, it was just mainly for the space shuttle why I so secretly wanted to go to EK. My desire to experience it was born after seeing a lot of it on tv where fun was painted on the faces of the people riding in it. Nisseth, my roommate, invited me last Thursday and I was still undecided. I had a reserved money to buy a DVD by my most favorite Pinoy band this week. And I didn't think that it would be a great idea to use it for EK. But then I realized, going to the said theme park was a childhood dream, so yeah, bahala na si Batman for PNE's Inuman Session Vol II DVD. I hope I could still squeeze money from my allowance this week. One thing is for sure, though, I never regretted using my money to go to EK which was supposedly for the DVD. It was worth it, super worth it that I wanted to go back many times this year until the excitement will wear off.

The ride that we first tried was the Anchors Away, modeled like a pirate's ship that will swing you back and forth. We fell in line for around 30 minutes. It looked nothing but an easy ride. While watching those people who were already riding it, I sort of mocked some who for me, overly reacted with a simple ride as Anchors Away. I saw a woman who almost fainted while in it. We were like, "hugh, are you kidding me?". When it was our turn, I was surprised by how awful it was. Right there, I understood the woman who almost fainted. I didn't like the feeling every time it went down after it arrived the highest point. I just screamed and laughed to ease my uncomfortable feeling. I honestly wanted to leave if it were possible. Thank God, it didn't last that long. I was so proud afterwards that I was able to survive the awful ride. I tell you, I don't want to be in there again.

Right after the Anchors Away, we fell in line for the Jungle Log Jam. Good thing, the queue wasn't that long so we were able to ride after 10 minutes maybe of waiting. I had a wonderful feeling in this ride because I felt I was like in an animation movie. I can't identify which film has something like this ride but I am sure there is one. Weee... It was so cool being transported by the water current. I screamed twice after we slid down. Yikes, I really didn't like the feeling of falling with an acceleration greater than 9.8 m/s^2 (gravity's acceleration). I got slightly wet here. I'd prefer this ride rather than the Anchors Away. ^_^

Afterwards, we went for our much-anticipated, space shuttle. The line was so long and we waited for an hour just to get a ride. :( Ivy, my roommates' high school classmate, recorded the duration of time during a space shuttle's travel and it only took 53 seconds! Yes, we had waited, standing a long queue for 1 hour in exchange for a 1-minute ride! Was it worth it? For me, it was! It was a one hell of a crazy ride! It was amazing! I got a little bit tipsy after but dude, the feeling was really awesome. I was proud with five of us because nobody threw up. Yeah, we were sort of made for this kind of ride. If the line wasn't that long, I could have asked them for a round two.hehehe.

We then went to Ice Monster for refreshment. I, together with my roommates, ordered for a mango split for P119.00. It was just an ice cream with mango chunks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. We stayed for a while for it was cold there while outside was hot even though the sun wasn't really shining.

The ride that we next tried was the Rio Grande Rapids. As expected, the queue was as long as the line in Space Shuttle. The Rio Grande Rapids was not a scary ride. What will make you scream during the ride, though, was the possibility that you might get wet all over. The current was strong. The waves were raging. And there were falls too that might  stood right above us. It was fun screaming and laughing for who would get wetter.

The last thing we rode was the carousel for the sake of picture taking.hehe. Good thing, it was not in demand so we were able to ride directly. We were supposedly going to try the wonderful wheel of fate or more popularly known as ferris wheel. Unfortunately, the line was too long. We didn't like to spend the remaining 1 hour to queue. So there, we chose carousel instead and spent the few remaining minutes in taking pictures.

One item on my bucket list was already marked checked, now that I already went to Enchanted Kingdom. ^_^

*some photos are from Nisseth


Nastassia Serrano said...

I was always here when I was just a little child, but I couldn't appreciate or even remember much of it, and now I've been yearning to go back with my friends again! I'm glad you were able to live that childhood dream of yours! :)

Sasa Valencia said...

I love EK so much yun nga lang medyo mas gusto ko lang tumingin than to try their rides wahaha...

btw sweety i like your blog do you mind following each other?


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