August 04, 2012

Flats From Zalora

Finally, I gave in to buy something online. I ordered flats from Zalora last Tuesday and it arrived yesterday (Friday). And yes, I'm happy with my new shoes. Flats, if you do not know, have become my favorite foot ware since last summer. As much as possible, I don't want my toes to be exposed for I don't want them to look dark. So I seldom wear slippers now. The feet went dark last sem for I only usually wore slippers during our fieldwork (remember, geodetic engineer in the making here). So I turned to flats, in that way, my precious feet are not totally exposed and most importantly, the toes are hidden. And besides, wearing flats is really comfortable.

The three cool things about Zalora are, you don't have to pay for shipping wherever you are in the country, you could pay on cash on delivery basis (only in Metro Manila though) and there is no minimum amount of order. One thing that stopped me from buying online before was because of the shipping fee. I am such a thrift that with the addition of the shipping fee, I don't already think that the stuff that I'd be ordering would still be worth it. Another thing that discouraged me from buying online was the mode of payment. It is a hassle to go to the bank or G-CASH centers to pay. But with Zalora, it eliminates those hindrances, well, for those who reside in Metro Manila. Zalora definitely makes online shopping way more convenient. For sure, this wouldn't be my last purchase from the said store.

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