August 29, 2012

For the Love of Books and Judith McNaught

There is a new bookshop in Krus na Ligas and I found my feet entering the little store. I just wanted to look around. I absolutely didn't intend to buy but damn, I was amazed by the cheapness of the novels. And yes, I found lots of Judith McNaught's novels there. If you do not know, I really love Judith McNaught's stories about love. For me, Nicholas Sparks is nothing compared to her. (hehe) Just last week, I finished reading her Night Whispers and I rated it 5 stars out of 5. That said book was the fifth novel that I read from her authorship. She has written 18 books and I would love to read all of them. So going back to the shop, I ended up holding two novels of McNaught, which were P150 each. And I was like, "Gosh, I have to buy these!" And so buy I did (Master Yoga ang peg!haha).

I do believe that spending my money for books is never a waste. But right now, I shouldn't be buying anything that's not a necessity  because I am saving money for something (clue: kpop thingy). But I am trapped by my fondness of reading novels or even just collecting them. What is funny about this is that I still have books which I haven't read yet. And there are two ebooks that I still have to finish reading. Oh well, such is life. We tend to get stuff as many as possible without realizing that there are already too much on our hands.  

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