August 25, 2012

Inuman Sessions Album Launching Experience

Let me tell you about my experience when I attended the album launching of Inuman Sessions Volume 2 of my most favorite Pinoy band, Parokya ni Edgar. As early as August 1, I already knew of the launching and right that day I decided that I'd go. So ever since that moment, my heart was filled with excitement to get hold of a copy and its freebies. I was amazed that for only P550, you'll get a DVD, CD, T-shirt and poster. I saved the said amount of money from my meager allowance. I expected that I'd get them without considering that a lot of others were already planning to do so.

I arrived at the venue around 6 PM. I was one hour early so I never had worries. But dear, as soon as I saw the very, very long line, my expectation was vanished. Still, I fell in line, hoping that in spite of a lot of people, I could still buy a copy and enter the venue. While I was in the queue, I busied myself by reading a novel. Yes, I was reading while standing. It was even raining! Therefore, I was reading while standing and holding an umbrella. After almost one hour, my friend arrived and of course, I was still in the line that moved slowly. A little after 7 PM, we heard the people in front of us talking that the venue was already full so the organizers stopped receiving more fans. They left the line. My friend asked the nearest security personnel to confirm what we overheard. Indeed, the entrance was closed. It didn't discourage me much because my main goal was to buy a DVD copy. We went to the gate entrance and asked  the guard if there were still DVD's left. He then said, "Wala na, CD na lang."  My heart was crushed, broken and chopped into pieces! All I wanted was a DVD! :(

I was so regretful. I wished I had come earlier, I would have bought the DVD and its freebies and I would also be able to enter. My class was only until 1pm after my 1pm-4pm class professor had something to attend to. As early as 1pm, I could have already been leaving my dorm. Yet I underestimated the number of fans Parokya ni Edgar had. I was really regretful and my friend witnessed my childish whining that time. I just couldn't accept the fact that I went there for nothing. Around 8 pm, the band appeared on stage. Chito apologized for those who weren't able to come inside. I just said, "Whatever". Sorry, I was really disappointed. They performed Buloy first and we were just standing there without even seeing their faces. With the rain still falling, we just listened. When Chito sang the second song, Para Sayo, I invited my friend to eat dinner instead. I was standing for two hours and my legs hurt already. Plus, I was hungry. Also, it only gave me much disappointment by just listening there. I was envious of the people inside who got the opportunity to fully rock with the band.

I felt okay after we ate at KFC. Good thing, Rona was there and I had someone to share my frustration with. When we left the fast food chain, the mini-concert was over and the autograph signing was on-going. We went back to the place just to see how it was going. At the entrance, I saw a little commotion. I went nearer and found out that there were selling of DVDs! I joined the mob and I was like, "Kuya, kuya, isang DVD!!" And yes, I bought one for P550 without T-shirt and poster. Of course, I was so happy. After all, I won't go back to my dorm bitter!
We were also able to get inside to have a closer look of the band members. I wasn't able to get an autograph because it was a first come, first serve basis. Since there were so many who were ahead of me, I have to wait for too long. And I have no time because it was already 10pm. I was afraid that by 11pm or 12am, there were no jeepneys anymore. So I had to go and miss the chance of having an autograph signed from the Filipino band that I really love so much. Next time na lang, I know that there will be next time. 

Things didn't come out the way I imagined them on my mind, still I arrived at my dorm happy. At least, I had a DVD and a CD with me.

It was my first time to attend an album launching. It taught me one thing: be early as much as possible! Be early because it hurts a lot when you don't get the thing that you've been anticipating for for a long time.

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