August 07, 2012

Men: Women, don't cut your long hair.

When I read Paulo Coelho's post about men's rules for a relationship, I was surprised that men love their women to be having a long hair instead of short. I never thought that the length of their partners' hair would matter for them that much.
Read Coelho's Men's rules of engagement here.
It's even on the top of the list. I did wonder, what percentage of men around the world do think that women look more attractive if they have long hair, 60%-70% or higher maybe?

A couple of months ago, when classes just started, a girl classmate who also happens to be my orgmate, told me this, "Jill, ang haba na ng buhok mo." (Your hair is already too long.) Prior to her, I heard others telling me that same thing. Since I was already bothered by the attention it brought to others, I asked her if it looks awful to me. I can't recall the exact words she said but she told me that I would look better if I make it short. I ended up asking my friends in that class. And what was interesting about it was the boys thought that my long hair would suit me better and my girl friends, except for one, thought the other way around. One guy friend even said, "Sorry, but we are boys (thus, we like long hair)". That made me remember about Coelho's post.

And just earlier, as I was reading a popular Japanese novel, Norwegian Wood, I encountered yet another stuff that would prove that men, really, really love to see women in their long hair.

It's nice to know what men perceive to be attractive. It gives us an idea on how to get the attention of someone we like.hahaha.
But girls, if you really do not like your long hair anymore, go on and cut it. Fuck those rules men make. If they love you enough, it is not a big deal for them whatever hairstyle you wear.

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