August 01, 2012

My Grad Pictorial

The grad pictorial was over. I still can't say that it was successful because I still haven't seen the pictures. Hopefully, I would look beautiful there. It was my first time to be in a photoshoot. I tell you, it was fun. I like my make-up artist because he told me that I looked like Antoinette Taus.hahaha. Flattered, I was. Ate Ivan (the make-up artist) asked me if I know her and I said Yes. I even wanted to add that she's Dingdong Dante's ex-girlfriend and Tom Taus' sister, the boy who portrayed Cedie  in the movie, Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe. The make-up made me look better, way better. It was like magic because it concealed my pimply face.

There were four kinds of shots that I underwent where I wore different clothes. First, the formal, then the sablay, the toga and lastly, the creative shot. It didn't take that long. I think I have five shots per theme. When I was already finished being photographed for the first three costumes, I was left only wearing a white tube on my top. I was super not comfortable. I felt so exposed. I was roaming the room wearing only that. It would be okay if there were no guys around, but there were lots of them. That moment, I wanted to use my invisibility superpower if I had any.

I talked to two make-up artists, one of them was Ate Ivan, to ask for my creative shot. They suggested me to be a Greek Goddess and I directly agreed. Boy, I always wanted to be a goddess.hehehe. My hairstyle was changed and Ate Ivan put eyelashes. Uhm, I absolutely didn't like the eyelashes. I looked like a bekimon. They also made me wear heavy earrings. I thought my earlobes would be ripped that time. Thankfully, they didn't.

When I'll get hold of the pictures, I'll share it here whether they're great or not. But that will still be in October.hehehe.

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