August 18, 2012

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

The Moon That Embraces The Sun was the first Korean series that I finished watching which was under the genre of historical drama. I just don't like watching historical dramas because I have a notion that they're boring. So why did I end up watching it? There were three reasons. First, my roommates recommended it to me, telling me that it was very good. Second, the tv ratings were high which made me curious even more on how good the drama was. And third, Kim Soo Hyun, the guy I appreciated so much in Dream High (Sam Dong) was leading the drama.

The drama is about a Prince (Lee Hwon), who at the young age of 13 found the person who he will love for the rest of his life. He met Heo Yeon Woo, a noble man's daughter, who also was at the same age as him. He fell in love with her wit and personality and eventually everything about her. The prince asked his father (the King) to let him marry Heo Yeon Woo. Please do understand that in their era, a 13-year-old individual can already enter marriage with the consent of his/her parents. But to become a crown princess was not the choice of the prince but it was a contest that will be competed by girls who passed the standards of being the next royalty. Fortunately, Heo Yeon Woo was the one who was chosen. But then, the evil, power-maniac Queen Dowager (Lee Hwon's grandmother) didn't approve of the decision for she wanted a girl who was blood related to them to preserve their blood line. With the help of a shaman, she ordered her to kill the future crown princess with the use of witchcraft. The shaman followed the command but didn't actually kill the girl. She made everybody believed that she was dead and hid her away from the place where the girl was known. With the memory being lost, the girl was unaware of her past, her family, the boy she loved and the suffering she underwent. But she can't keep on hiding. After eight years, she came back to the place where her destiny must unfold.

It is a series with substance. Yes, I admit it, I usually watch Korean series for me to fill this heart with much 'kilig' and I wouldn't mind if they would be recycled or shallow. But this series is one of the few that I viewed which throws you a lot of lessons in life. It's not just about romantic love. It tackles about true leadership, brotherhood and what it really means to be loyal.  It would also break your heart knowing that there are some people who could go as far as killing precious lives just to be on the top. Yet, the series also shows that one of the greatest gifts in life are friends who would stick on your side even if they were tempted to go on a better side other than yours. 

Warning: This series is heavy. Yeah, when I say heavy, it would suck all your tears out. 

My Rating: 8.5/10

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