September 29, 2012

How do you spend your Friday night?

What a wonderful time to spend my Friday nights listening to God's word and after that, pigging out with my roommates to food establishments we have never tried before in Katipunan. It has already been four weeks that I’ve been attending a Christian activity which includes worshipping and hearing the awesome word of God. I’ll make this as a habit because sure thing it wipes out the stress I get during the week and helps me strengthen my still wavering faith.

Last week, we ate at the Pancake House. It was my first time there. We ordered omelette and well of course, pancake. I found it hard to eat because the waitress took the spoon and what were left were knife and fork. It was hard eating the omelette using those utensils especially when the egg was not well cooked (may liquid pa). It was difficult to be eating the American way. But we did appreciate what we ate because it was healthy. The omelette was served with garlic bread and a slice of cucumber and oh, I forgot the other one.hehe.

Today, we tried the Chicken Bacolod  which was above the Spaghetti House. When we arrived there, there were only two customers. The place was air-conditioned while the ceiling fans were on, which I found weird.
We ordered beef sisig, sinigang na bangus, chop suey and bottomless iced tea. Yeah, we ate at Chicken Bacolod but our orders didn't include chicken.bwahaha. What an irony. Their servings were good for 2 people, assuming that those people consume the same range of amount of food we usually eat.
The food on the table made me miss home! There was a homey feel about it.The beef sisig was a hit. We really loved it! 
I couldn't find, I mean I was shy to approach anyone to take the picture so I used the self-timer and put the camera on the vacant table.

We talked a lot of stuff. I do not know how many minutes we were there but really, there were so many things that we had discussed.hehe. By the way, I was sort of lugi to the bottomless iced tea I ordered because I only drank 1 and 3 fourth glasses.
A picture taken by the waiter right before we left. :)

Weew.. I'm loving my Friday nights.

September 24, 2012

A Dyslexic Dream

I heard about dyslexia a lot especially when I watched American tv shows and movies. Yet I never really knew what kind of illness it was until I read something about it in the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. There, I read about a man who possessed the illness. He found it so hard to read because the letters were jumbled. Yes, the normal people see this word, beautiful, but for a dyslexic person, it could be like this, beufluiat. Depressing, right?
photo source: here

So earlier, I had a dream. And I call  it a dyslexic dream because I became a dyslexic. There were other two people in my dream. They were my elementary crush and his mother. His mother asked me to read a passage in the Bible. Unfortunately, I can't. Why? I saw words like these: lkeis huest achesdor. How could I possibly utter them? It was embarrassing. I told them that my Bible had  lots of typographical errors and she let me borrow hers. But then, I still can't read. It was a realization that it was not because of the book but because of me, of my abnormal perception. One funny thing about the dream was that I later on told them that I guessed I had a reading problem. I forgot the word dyslexia and I said I had schizophrenia. (Schizophrenia?? Baliw ang peg?) It was then when I woke up that I remember the correct word.

While I was in the dream, I knew that it wasn't real. Still, I was able to feel the frustration of a dyslexic person. If I know, they are judged as dull, dumb and stupid. What else others would react to someone who couldn't read correctly such a simple word like 'banana'? But it's not their fault, they were born to carry that disability. And they have no choice but face every bully that they get because of that undeserved illness.

This reminds me of my fourth year high school classmate, who at that time made us annoyed because she couldn't read. Yes, she reached that level without even knowing how to read. And it is now that I think that maybe she has a dyslexia too. I remember, our teacher would call her in class to read a paragraph. I would be really pissed when she would utter president instead of presentation. Most of the time, she could read the first syllable right but the next ones were always wrong. It was as if she was just guessing. In my mind, I would tell her, "Keep on reading until the last syllable and stop guessing". But as I see it now, I really think that she has a dyslexia. By the way, she stopped going to school. She never graduated with us. We really did not know the exact reason why she left her education. We could just assume that the major reason was she got frustrated by her inability to read, especially when every meeting our teacher would remind her of it since she would be constantly called to read in our class.

Wherever she is right now, I hope that she's doing great. And I want her to know that I am deeply sorry for being such a bad, judgmental classmate I was before. If ever she really has a dyslexia, I hope that she'd keep on believing that she will overcome it one of these days because it really is possible to eliminate the disability. The man in the Chicken Soup has overcome it through persistence and patience, and so can she. :)

September 18, 2012

Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield

That awesome moment when two of your favorite artists collaborated together for that one amazing song. :))

tv area = study area

*because I just want to post something
Time check it's now three in the morning. I'm here at the tv area, studying dapat. Because of the internet connection, my study time is being interrupted. Well, there you go, I'm blaming the connection for my procrastination.

September is a hell month. It's not that it's hot, it's actually raining right now. It's just that my academics is burning me due to loads of requirements to be passed and exams to take. And I'm praying, oh so hard to survive this thing!

And about the picture, no, I'm still sane.

September 08, 2012

the romantic dream

I had a dream last night. He was there. The main topic of the dream was about us. A lot of things happened but I can't recall every detail anymore but one. I figured out that we were in a relationship, yes, in the dream. 

I was at home. Yeah, home where my family is. My mother and brother were there. We were at the living room and a visitor came. It was him. My mother and kuya didn't have a clue who he was. The two family members gave me a questioning look. I can read their minds saying,"Who is that guy?". I didn't say a word to them. I just stood up and approached the guy who I am helplessly in love with both in that dream and in reality. 

We stood while talking facing each other. And suddenly, he kissed me, not at the cheek but at the lips. I should have scolded him for doing something unethical in the eyes of my family, especially when they know that I don't have a boyfriend. Yes, I should have been mad but I caught myself smiling at the gesture.

Heck, I was in love. No that's wrong, I'm in love, right here and right now even though I keep denying it to myself. I am in love in spite of myself and in spite of the things that I don't like about him.

September 01, 2012

Kamukha Dito, Kamukha Doon

Nagpagupit ako ngayong araw. Napadpad na naman kasi ako sa Krus na Ligas. Bukod sa may bagong bookshop doon, meron ding bagong parlor at napagdesisyonan kong magpagupit na. Ang haba na kasi ng aking heyr at nagiging hassle na siya sa akin. Ang cool ng parlor, P50 pesos lang ang haircut. Naalala ko tuloy yung naging tutee ko dati, nagpagupit siya sa sosyal na salon at ang bayad ay P800! Oo, ganun sila kayaman! P50 o P800, ganun pa din naman mukha mo, kaya doon na lang ako sa mura. Pero maganda rin naman sa mahal kasi aircon doon, dun kasi sa pinasukan ko electric  fan lang.hehe. At ang alam ko, sa sosyal na parlor, may kape pa silang nalalaman na iseserve sa iyo. 

So ayun, nagpagupit ako. Tanong ni ateng bakla sa akin kung bakit ba daw ako magpapagupit eh ang ganda-ganda ng buhok ko. Hindi ko ata siya nasagot, hindi ko na kasi maalala ang tugon ko eh.haha. Wala talagang nabago sa hairstyle ko kasi pinaikli ko lang talaga siya. Nagpa-ahit din ako ng kilay. Ang kapal na kasi niya eh. You know, bumabalik sa natural niyang anyo. Pasensya na, gusto ko lang namang magmukhang dalaga. Yung last na nagpa-ahit ako ay noong June pa! Nag-try naman akong mag-ahit on my own pero palpak talaga. Hay, wala akong kabadingan sa aking system. Ibang ateng beke ang nag-ahit sa akin. Akalain mong yung nag-haircut sa akin, hindi marunong?hekhek. Straight siguro yun, nagpapanggap lang na bading!haha. Anyways, mas maganda yung nag-ahit sa akin kaysa yung sa naggupit. Yung patapos na si Ateng Ahit, lumapit  si Ateng Gupit. Tinanong ni Ateng Gupit ang aking edad. Ayokong i-share yung edad ko kaya tinanong ko siya kung ilang taon na ako sa tingin niya. Akalain niyo ba namang ang sagot niya ay 14??!! Tumawa talaga ako. Sabi naman ni Ateng Ahit, "15?". Sige na, ako na ang bata tingnan. Tanggap ko na iyon! Until now, hindi ko pa rin alam kung ituturing ko ang ganung akala as compliment or not. Anyways, habang inaahitan ako, sabi ni Ateng Gupit na may kamukha daw ako. Si Barretto daw. Hindi niya maalala yung first name, basta hindi si Claudine at Gretchen. Sa isip ko, baka si Marjorie. Hay, ako na talaga ang may chubby na face. Chaka sila, pinamukha pa talaga sa akin.haha. Pero bumawi naman si Ateng Ahit kasi after niya akong ahitan, sabi niya na kilala na niya ang kamukha ko. At ang taong iyon ay si Donna Cruz. Chaarr!! Gusto ko biglang makipag-high five sa kanya.haha.

Alam ko namang malayo sa pagmumukha ko ang mga pagmumukha ng mga magagandang celebrities na nasabi ng ibang mga taong kamukha ko raw. Pero grabe, nakakatuwa talaga at nakaka-melt ng fats. Nung high school ako, nung panahong hindi pa bilog ang aking mukha, tinatawag ako ng close friend ko na Cristine Hermosa. Humahaba ng 1 inch ang buhok ko everytime na sinasabi niya yun sa akin.haha. May dormmate  ako nung first year college ako at sinabi niyang kamukha/kahawig ko raw si Angelica Panganiban! Hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng vision ang meron sila at narerelate nila ang mga diyosang yun sa ordinaryo kong mukha.haha. Meron din yung pamangkin ng katulong ng pinsan ko sa Pasig. Sabi niya na kahawig ko raw si Rosalie sa Angelito, Ang Batang Ama. Ni-research ko talaga kung sino yun at si Charee Pineda pala.

Hay, how i wish kamukha ko talaga sila. Pero okay lang, masaya din naman ako sa pagmumukha kong ito paminsan-minsan. :D


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