September 29, 2012

How do you spend your Friday night?

What a wonderful time to spend my Friday nights listening to God's word and after that, pigging out with my roommates to food establishments we have never tried before in Katipunan. It has already been four weeks that I’ve been attending a Christian activity which includes worshipping and hearing the awesome word of God. I’ll make this as a habit because sure thing it wipes out the stress I get during the week and helps me strengthen my still wavering faith.

Last week, we ate at the Pancake House. It was my first time there. We ordered omelette and well of course, pancake. I found it hard to eat because the waitress took the spoon and what were left were knife and fork. It was hard eating the omelette using those utensils especially when the egg was not well cooked (may liquid pa). It was difficult to be eating the American way. But we did appreciate what we ate because it was healthy. The omelette was served with garlic bread and a slice of cucumber and oh, I forgot the other one.hehe.

Today, we tried the Chicken Bacolod  which was above the Spaghetti House. When we arrived there, there were only two customers. The place was air-conditioned while the ceiling fans were on, which I found weird.
We ordered beef sisig, sinigang na bangus, chop suey and bottomless iced tea. Yeah, we ate at Chicken Bacolod but our orders didn't include chicken.bwahaha. What an irony. Their servings were good for 2 people, assuming that those people consume the same range of amount of food we usually eat.
The food on the table made me miss home! There was a homey feel about it.The beef sisig was a hit. We really loved it! 
I couldn't find, I mean I was shy to approach anyone to take the picture so I used the self-timer and put the camera on the vacant table.

We talked a lot of stuff. I do not know how many minutes we were there but really, there were so many things that we had discussed.hehe. By the way, I was sort of lugi to the bottomless iced tea I ordered because I only drank 1 and 3 fourth glasses.
A picture taken by the waiter right before we left. :)

Weew.. I'm loving my Friday nights.

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Great Friday by listening to God's world. :)

xx Tisha,


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