September 08, 2012

the romantic dream

I had a dream last night. He was there. The main topic of the dream was about us. A lot of things happened but I can't recall every detail anymore but one. I figured out that we were in a relationship, yes, in the dream. 

I was at home. Yeah, home where my family is. My mother and brother were there. We were at the living room and a visitor came. It was him. My mother and kuya didn't have a clue who he was. The two family members gave me a questioning look. I can read their minds saying,"Who is that guy?". I didn't say a word to them. I just stood up and approached the guy who I am helplessly in love with both in that dream and in reality. 

We stood while talking facing each other. And suddenly, he kissed me, not at the cheek but at the lips. I should have scolded him for doing something unethical in the eyes of my family, especially when they know that I don't have a boyfriend. Yes, I should have been mad but I caught myself smiling at the gesture.

Heck, I was in love. No that's wrong, I'm in love, right here and right now even though I keep denying it to myself. I am in love in spite of myself and in spite of the things that I don't like about him.

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