October 25, 2012

TY Nuffnang for the free VIP tickets

Last October 23, Nuffnang tweeted (Twitter term) that they're giving away 2 VIP tickets to 8 nuffnagers for the Tanduay Rhum Rock Fest which will be on Oct. 26 (yes, that will be tomorrow!) at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. They just asked for us to tweet our favorite Pinoy artist and why we love them. The first 8 to respond would win the tickets. And luckily, I was the seventh  one who tweeted.  

This was the first time that I won something from the internet. I have been joining give-aways from blogs, twitter and facebook, but never ever been picked, until this. Although it costs small compared to winning any gadgets or trips abroad, the fact that I will be going to get something for free instead of spending money is already a reason to be thankful for. :)

I went to the Nuffnang office alone earlier which was located at Bonifacio High Street to claim the tickets. I was actually nervous to go there because I was so not familiar of the place. I was only there once before today and that was last year. Good thing, it was free to ask to strangers for directions.hehe. I asked six times to make sure I wouldn't get lost. My first inquiry was when I got off the MRT at the Guadalupe station. I went to the police and asked him where should I go to ride a jeep to Market Market. The second one, I approached a security guard to know where was the Bonifacio High Street. My third inquiry was addressed to the attendant of the building of where the office was located. I didn't need to ask because this time I was really sure of where to go but she looked at me. So I just inquired for me to be released from her awkward stare. My fourth and fifth questions were about where to ride a jeepney back to Guadalupe. 

My funny experience happened while riding the jeep back to Guadalupe. I didn't know where to stop so that I could go to the MRT station. I was at the far end from the driver. At the passenger's seat, the guy asked the driver about where to stop so that he could go to the MRT station. So in my mind I said that I would just get off the jeep if that guy would also be doing so. I was facing at the entrance of the vehicle (tingin-tingin sa view ang peg), therefore, I have to check/to look at the passenger's seat time and time again just to make sure that the guy was still there. And  then after several minutes, the guy was gone!!! OMG! I was already mentally panicking! That time, I didn't want to ask from any passengers (bigla akong nahiya mga teh). I was looking intently outside if ever I could see a glimpse of the structure of the MRT but to no avail. After a few minutes, the jeep stopped and 85% of the passengers got off. I made an instant decision to also leave the jeep. I walked, examined the place and stopped. I then asked a lady near me. I said, "Ate, malayo pa po ba ang MRT station dito?(malungkot deep inside)" And the Ate replied, "Malapit lang and blah blah blah". Yeah, it turned out that I was just a short distance away from my destination. :))

That's my adventure for today.

Thank you again, Nuffnang.  :D

PS I hope that tomorrow, the rain would stop. Get out, leave bagyo! You're uninvited! And also, I hope that we would have a blast at the concert. :D 

October 02, 2012


Sabaw No. 1:
Dumating ako sa classroom at wala pa si Sir. Nanuod ang classmates ko ng Tales from the Friend Zone ni Sir RB. Yung pinanood nilang episode, yung isang gumanap doon ay classmate ng roommate ko. So wala lang, kinuwento ko lang sa kanila.

Ako: Classmate yan ng roommate ko.
Klasmeyt: Sino jan, yung macho?
Ako: Hindi, yang finriendzone, classmate ng BOYFRIEND ko.
Klasmeyt: May boyfriend ka pala?
Ako: Waaah, boyfriend ba sabi ko? Hindi, roommate.


Sabaw No. 2:
Bumili ako ng load sa SUN para makapag-internet dahil nawalan kami ng wi-fi connection sa dorm. Sa kiosk malapit sa library ako bumili ng P25 load para makapag-unlimited internet for one day. Nang dumating ako sa dorm, na-realize kong P50 pala ang pag-a-unli!!
Babalik na naman ako para magpa-load!


Sabaw No. 3:
So ayun, babalik na ako sa kiosk para bumili ng load. Ganoon din si roommate so nagsabay na lang kami. Nang nasa lobby na kami, na-realize ni roommate na hindi pala niya dala ang card kung saan nakalagay yung number since hindi niya memorize. AT AKO DIN PALA! Hindi ko dala ang cellphone ko kung saan naka-save yung number since hindi ko rin siya memorize. Kaya balik kami sa room!


Sabaw No. 4:
So yes, may sapat na load na ako for unlimited internet. Nag-start na akong mag-surf and all. Dumating si other roommate. At dahil nga walang internet, nakigamit muna siya sa akin dahil may ida-download siyang acad stuff. Nagtanong siya:

Rumeyt: Jill, kailan 'to mag-eexpire (internet)?
Ako: Bukas pa yan kasi 1 day unlimited yan.
Ako: Sh*t, hindi pa pala ako nakapag-register for unli!

Opo, nakalimutan kong magpa-unli! Kaya ayun, BALIK na naman ako sa kiosk para bumili ng load kasi nabawasan na load ko after kong mag-surf agad-agad!


Grabe, sobrang sabaw ako kahapon. Buti na lang hanggang pang-apat na sabaw lang ang nangyari sa akin. Wala kasi akong sapat na tulog dahil sa acads, tapos stressed pa, tapos worried pa sa mga bagay-bagay..Hay, kawawa naman si brain cells, sinasabaw ko.

PS Mukha bang sabaw ang post na 'to?


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