November 11, 2012

first touch of Tony Moly BB cream on my face

You know what boredom can do? You get to do the things that you have never done before.

Boredom struck me earlier, around 12:30 am. I was surfing the internet and actually, I can't remember now why I landed on a forum that talked about the effectiveness of bb cream. It made me think if that kind of product could really help your face look better. Then I realized that I have a bb cream being kept in my closet and just ignored it all along because I didn't believe that it could stop break outs. Yes friends, I'm such a pimple-prone person. :(( And since I have one, I could try it just to know what it could bring to my sensitive, pimply and oily face.

BB by the way, means blemish balm. So from the name itself, we could expect that any BB cream products could cover up blemishes. Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB Cream ( Lovely Sweetheart Lily) is a Korean product. According to what is written at the back of the container, it is a multi-functional BB cream with asai berry and collagen extract that makes the dull and loosened skin firm and healthy as well as delivering anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection effects. And this BB cream makes the skin firm and lifted. My friend who studied in Korea for around two years as exchange student gave it to me almost two years ago. Yes, that long and I never tried it until earlier. I was actually hesitant to use it because it might have already expired.  But never mind, I would just wash my face especially if I shall feel irritation or itchiness. I never felt anything like that so I was assured that it would be safe.

kambal ko yang nasa kanan!hehe
I was so amazed by what I saw in the mirror. It seemed like I was a different person. It was one hell of a concealer. It covered up 90% of my pimple scars. I was like experiencing real magic. I was sort of regretful why I only tried it just now. My friend, who is also one of my closest friends in high school, is just very kind to share it with me. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it right after she gave it to me. I remember, when we met January this year, she said that my face had less pimples now. Yet she truthfully said the word 'sayang'. Sayang because according to her, when we were in high school, I had that blemish-free face, and now it has several scars. She was somehow really nasasayangan (char, conyo!) because she wanted to help me bring back that kind of face by letting me try the BB cream.

In the long run, I hope that this would do me good. You know, I just don't want it to conceal my scars but I hope that it can also prevent break outs. And I hope that I won't get any negative reactions (itchiness, redness of skin, rash, etc.) I did some research this morning and I found out that the blue version of the said product would be more appropriate for me because it was made for pimple-prone and oily faces. So I'm going to SM North tomorrow and buy that thing. I think that I have already found the answer to my facial problems.

The pictures below were taken after two hours. I just want you to show if there were changes. Well, if you look closely, my face became shiny already due to the abnormal amount of excretion of oil on my face. Yet the cream still concealed my scars. And it still evened out my skin tone. By the way, I didn't apply powder, it was purely BB cream.

You know what, there's one thing that I'm sure right now, I'm better with BB cream on than just my powder.

I hope that you are finally the one that I've been looking for, BB cream, that could make a breakthrough to my problematic face. *winks* hehe.

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