November 10, 2012

Pioneer Earphones

I love my new earphones.

I bought this one at Odyssey's branch at SM North. It was not my plan to buy one. I just wanted to enter the store to see (yes, just see) which albums were available. Yet what welcomed me were some earphones on SALE. I was reminded by how pathetic the earphones I was using. Only one part was functioning and the sound quality was so poor, I just can't actually appreciate the music I was listening. No questioning about its poor performance because I only bought it for a cheap amount, P150.00. So right there I decided to buy one because I deserve to enjoy whatever I’ve been listening and watching in my laptop. This time, I shoo away my notion of being thrifty for the sake of having a good quality product.

The original price of the earphones that I bought was P690.00 and it was down to P400.00. Its brand name is Pioneer. I chose the color pink because it's my all-time favorite color. So far, the performance is good. I think it's worth the price.

just wonder how much longer would these two speakers would function well. It's not new to us that through time, one speaker would stop working. Well, I hope that it would take much longer, like 5 months.

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