November 07, 2012


In this crazy, chaotic and stressful world, we yearn for a place to stay where we could relate the word paradise.

Paradise for me is like the photo above. What a very relaxing place to read a good novel while the rain is pouring. What a very comfortable site to collect your thoughts and put them into words. What a perfect location to just lay on the bed and listen to your favorite music.

Life shouldn't be full of headaches, worries and wishful thinking. Life should be just the realizations of every dream that we planted in our hearts. Life should let us do every thing that makes us happy. But life isn't actually synonymous to perfection. It is a mixture of every good and bad things.

Though life is frustrating like that, I won't stop believing that one day, I can build my own paradise where happiness is always greater than any negative vibes.

#I'm sort of frustrated this day.
#Hay, I want better days.

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