November 02, 2012

The 6th Tanduay Rhum Rockfest

Since my previous post was about how I got my free tickets to the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest concert, it is just right to share to you what did happen during the said activity.  It was great and I never regretted that I decided to come there. I enjoyed the music. I came to know the Pinoy artists who were behind the songs that I frequently heard on the radio during my childhood. There were many times that I uttered such words, “aaah, siya pala ang kumanta.” I finally witnessed a live performance of one of the Pinoy music icons that I really appreciate, and that is Rico Blanco. I heard my favorite songs being performed and those were the moments when I could say, “Truly, the best things in life are free.” There were also some artists that I ended up loving after realizing how good their music was during their performances. I come to love OPM more, this is the effect of the concert to me.

My most favorite performance was by the crazy band, Kamikazee. It was my first time to hear their song Halik and I instantly loved it. I so like it that until now I’ve been listening to it over and over again. They also sang their most popular song, Narda, Dobidoo and one more song but I forgot what it was (hehe). I just got disappointed that they didn’t sing Martyr Nyebera. Yes, it used to be my most loved song from them but not now, it is already Halik. Jay was really crazy, I was opted to jump during their Dobidoo performance because if we wouldn’t, he said that we would die (Jay: Ang hindi tatalon, mamamatay!).

Then there was Parokya Ni Edgar, the main reason why I really went there. Honestly, I already got sick of Buloy because I ALWAYS hear that song in all concerts that I witnessed from them. It’s not just ALWAYS but also ALWAYS the FIRST SONG of their performance. I can’t help but to complain because they have more than twenty amazing songs and Buloy just always got included to the 3 songs that they have to sing in a concert. Still, I can’t blame them. They have to sing at least one that non-PNE fans could sing-along with and that is Buloy. They sang Halaga and in my mind I said, “Marry me, Chito Miranda.” Haha. I just totally love that guy.

There were so many great performances and that includes Rico Blanco, Up Dharma Down, Gloc-9, Session Road, Never The Strangers, After Image, Dong Abay, Rivermaya, Wudz and Giniling Festival. Well, there were a lot of artists but they were the ones whose performances I found entertaining. Some of my favorite songs were also played and I became a happy kid. I was invisibly bursting with happiness when Up Dharma Down sang Tadhana, when Rico Blanco performed Antukin and when Session Road played Cool Off.

We were there for seven long hours. At first, we just stood and then our feet got weary and we decided to squat on the ground. When we didn’t know the artist or didn’t like them that much, we stayed squatted and we just listened. But when it was someone popular or someone we liked, we rose and paid our full attention to them.
Pagod na, upo muna. :p

Everybody worried that rain would come. Thankfully, it didn’t come until later, around 2:30am, when only few artists were left to perform.

It was fun, exhausting but fun. I would want to attend the said event again next year but I hope we will
be closer to the stage, or more preferably at the mosh pit.

OPM is great my friend. If you could just give time to really listen to it, you would realize that it is as amazing as what you currently heed as amazing.

Mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

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