November 25, 2012

The Lee Min Ho Experience

One week has already passed by since me and my roommates went to SM North to take a glimpse of Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho was chosen as the global ambassador of the major local clothing brand in the Philippines, Bench. He went to our country for him to personally promote the brand.

I wonder how high did Bench pay the Asian superstar for him to accept the offer to be their endorser.  Could they really gain profit by using him or could they just made a wrong decision for they might never compensate the expenses they spent for getting him? I pondered on that thing after a friend on facebook yesterday posted a link from her tumblr stating this:
Yung feeling na kailangan mong bumili ng Penshoppe at Bench products para isalba sila sakaling mabankrupt sila sa kakakuha ng international endorsers!” 
(That feeling that you need to buy Penshoppe and Bench products in order to save them if ever they're going to be bankrupt because of getting international endorsers!)
Like Bench, Penshoppe is also a leading local clothing brand in the country which hired international celebrities like Mario Maurer, Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries), and more to endorse for them. 

Well, for sure, those clothing brands didn't just make a decision hastily of hiring those globally known celebrities. They have people of brilliant minds to deliberately analyze the consumers, predict the outcome, weigh down the pros and cons and stuff related to marketing strategies. There is a possibility that they'll get losses instead since that is inevitable. But the point is, they don't just jump into a decision without having a deep thought about it. Yes, what I'm really trying to say is that they know what they're doing. And I really don't care if they'll go down as long as I already saw Lee Min Ho in person.wahaha. So let's just leave them alone and have their way and be thankful that they're bringing those celebrities who are hard to stalk by just our own means.

We arrived around 10am at the mall and there was already a long line outside. The meet and greet session with Lee Min Ho was to be held at the skydome at 3pm. We were 5 hours early but there were already hundreds waiting to see Jun Pyo. We have to buy a shirt to be able to enter the skydome. When we went to buy, only large and extra large sizes of shirts were left. The shirts didn't fit us but we still bought for the sake of seeing his heavenly face. The cashier told us that buying the Lee Min Ho shirt wouldn't give us the assurance to be able to enter the venue, it would just give us a chance since they were limiting the number of people to enter. It was a first come, first serve thing. We heard that only first 500 fans will be able to enter. We were confident that we could make it since we estimated that we were 300-something in the line. Unfortunately, our estimation was wrong because I was the 697th in the queue! Good thing, they extended the number until 700 and we were just blessed like that!

When we were already seated at the dome, those who didn't make it to the first 700 were able to get inside. I was happy for them because their waiting weren't put in vain. It must really be heartbreaking if they weren't able to do so. What was SO UNFAIR was what happened next! Those who didn't buy a shirt (which I thought was a REQUIREMENT) were still had the opportunity to see LMH in person. If I had known that that would happen, I would not waste my P400 by buying a shirt that I couldn't wear. Well, at least I was able to help Bench to prevent bankruptcy (wahaha).  

They said it was 3pm but Lee Min Ho only appeared on the stage approximately 6pm. Yes, we were grumpy of the delay yet we were more excited to see him. Just like a typical fangirl, I shouted at the top of my lungs when he finally walked to the stage. I jumped, waved and everything possible just to let out that feeling inside you when you finally saw someone in person you thought you could only see on tv and computer screen. He was so handsome especially when he flashed a smile and his dimple showed. For the whole time, I was just staring at his face. I mean, what the hell, this is real.

photo taken by my roommate
There was a short interview. LMH was speaking his mother tongue since he can’t talk in English. He uttered some Filipino words but I can’t remember them. After that, he went onto distributing the 50 autographed posters to 50 LUCKY fans! We were so envious, they got the chance to hold his hands!! Next time, maybe I can do that. But for now, I should just be happy to be able to see him in person. ^_^

I wonder who will be the next Korean actor that I'll be seeing in person. If my roommate wants Song Joong Ki, I think I really want to see Hyun Bin, I am still not over him. ^_^ 

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