December 09, 2012

Facts About Vampires According to Vampire Diaries

Vampires are scary creatures. No matter how good looking they are, as being depicted by Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries, the fact that they feed on human blood would vanish any romantic feeling that we'd possibly hold. Or is it just me? Could you possibly fall for someone like Edward, Stefan or Damon? I know that they're hot and have the looks that would leave you speechless, but hey, that doesn't change the fact about their nature that every human being is their most desirable prey. Once they lose control, driven by the urge to taste the most delicious thing they've ever known, which is blood, you might end up being dead. Yeah, if I'd be given a chance to take Bella's and Elena's position, I'd still choose my pretty boring life. At least, I won't have to deal with vampires. :p

What if they are among us, walking, laughing, working, fangirling, studying? Could we recognize them? And what if the things about them are exactly the ones being described in Vampire Diaries? Because maybe, the author of that book-turned-tv-series, knows a vampire personally.

The Vampire Diaries extra hot cast (L-R): Stefan, Elena, Damon, Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline and Jeremy. Photo source

Let me enumerate to you the facts about vampires according to Vampire Diaries. With their skills as well as limitations, would you want to be one of them or would you be thankful that you are a human being? Let us see.

1.) Not friends with the sun. Vampire Diaries says that Twilight got it wrong. Vampires don’t glow under the sun; they burn and would eventually kill them if they prolong their exposure. But there’s a way to prevent that reaction. They wear something so that they can be one of us rain or shine.

 2.) Live with several generations. They are practically immortal. The causes of death of mankind as of this generation are accidents, illnesses, crimes and old age. Good for them, they are immune to that. They don’t get cancer. They aren't infected with AIDS. They could be hit by a ten-wheeler truck and still live. They could be stabbed many times by a knife and still breathe.

3.) No need for botox. Wrinkles? Ageing skin? Na-ah, they don’t have that problem. They could live on this planet for a century or even a millennium and still wear that young skin. Isn’t that cool? They could save a lot of money from expensive cosmetics and plastic surgeries. You’re envious now?

4.) So fast like a speed of light, so strong like Superman. They run so fast, they could win a gold medal in the Olympics in track and field. They are so strong, weight-lifting would be a piece of cake for them.  

5.) Never underestimate a wood. They might never be killed by a bullet but stab a wooden stake at their heart and sure thing they would be dead. Wood is one of their worst nightmares. They could also be dead with a fire. Trap them in a burning house and their immortality would end. Still, there are exceptions. There is this kind of vampires that can only be killed by a specific wood, yes, not just an ordinary wood. And these vampires couldn’t be ended by a fire. They are known as the Originals.

6.) No human beings, no vampires. Vampires need us because our blood is their food. They could consume the blood of animals but nothing tastes like heaven like the human blood. So they still prefer it. Also, our blood is the only thing that turns their strengths at its utmost potential. They are most powerful if they drink our precious blood.

7.) Shut up! They can hear you. Every vampire has the ability to hear sounds from quite a distance. So before you spill a secret to a close friend, make sure that no vampire is around. Because they may near or far, they can absolutely hear what you’re talking about. They can’t read your mind, though, so that’s a big relief.

photo source

8.) They can manipulate you. One of their abilities that I really find fascinating is the manipulation. They will look you to the eye and say things like, “You’ll forget what just happened.” And then you forget what you have just witnessed.  When they say to leave the town, you would leave. Whatever they’ll command you, you just can’t say no.  

9.) Vervain is your weapon. Vervain is a plant which is another nightmare of a vampire. They will burn if they’ll touch it. You could prevent them from manipulating you by drinking the juice of the said plant. Their manipulation just wouldn’t work if you’re drinking the vervain juice. Also, if you have them in your system, your blood would be a poison to them. So they will never feed from you.

10.) Don’t invite them in.  A vampire can never enter a house unless the owner of that shelter invited them in. There is an invisible shield in every home that would prevent every vampire to enter. But once an owner mistakenly invited that vampire to come in, they can forever go in and out of that shelter whether they are welcomed or not.

11.) The older, the stronger. If two vampires fight, one is a hundred years old and the other is a thousand years old, we could say that there’s an 80% chance that the older one would win. He would most probably win because as a vampire ages, he/she becomes stronger and more powerful. 

12.) Every emotion is magnified. The emotion level between humans and vampires is highly different. Happiness, anger, disgust, fear, sadness and surprise are more intense when it comes to vampires. This is one of the reasons why they become scary. It is hard to control what they're feeling because it's too large it ends up consuming them.

So what? Would you consider sharing this Earth with them? Would you want to be one of them?

P.S. There are still a lot of things that you would want to know about vampires. I suggest that you watch Vampire Diaries. The story is really good, that's an assurance. :)


Johanna Lyn P. Malicad said...

TVD!!!!! ugh. season 4's killing me. lols.

jill-yan said...

you're team stefan? :)


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