December 13, 2012

Favorite Blogger Got Married

One of my favorite bloggers, Patty Laurel, is now Patty Laurel-Filart. She exchanged vows with her soul mate last November 22, 2012. Their wedding video just got posted today on her blog. I almost cried while watching it. And I just have to share it here with you because it is something that a lot of us should see. :)) 

"Who would have thought I would end up marrying the little white boy in the next classroom. All of those years we've spent crossing paths in the hallway, completely oblivious to one another was all part of God's amazing plan." - Patty
I also would like to have that kind of love story, starting with: Who would have thought....

Yay, congrats Mrs. Patty. Although you have entered a new chapter of your life, I hope that that wouldn't stop you from blogging because I really love your blog. You're funny and cheesy at the same time, and those are the two things that I really like about you. ;)

If you guys do wonder how I was able to chance upon her worth-reading blog almost two years ago, it was through her ex-bf, Atom Araullo. I was wondering who was his girlfriend that time so I googled it. Then the google search engine led me to her blog. After reading few of her posts, I instantly followed her. Having read almost all the things she has written, I think I know her a lot already.

By the way, it was my first time hearing her voice. I was surprised by it because it was not the voice that I've been imagining. You see, every time I read her blog, I imagined that she was just talking to me like a friend, thus I invented a voice of hers. XD 

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