December 04, 2012


Bon Chon's Tissue. :p
I was supposed to eat at Manang's Chicken at Katipunan for my super late brunch, say 2:30pm. But the said food establishment was a bit far by walking from where I withdrew my week's allowance. So I thought of other store instead and Bon Chon came into mind. When it comes to chicken, I will always prefer Manang's over Bon Chon. Yet the latter food chain has a very yummy fish fillet in their menu and that was what I was after from them. I happened to taste it just last month when a friend made me try it. It was really delicious, way better than the spicy chicken wings that I ordered. My first taste was dipped with garlic sauce, yet I chose the extra spicy flavor earlier thinking that it would be yummier. I was wrong. I wasn't able to enjoy what I ate because it was overly hot. I couldn't taste the fish. All I could sense was how hot it was. I suddenly got a runny nose and I was already sweating. Kulang na lang, iiyak ako dun. Next time, I would order the garlic sauce and not that over extra spicy one! Nevertheless, I got full so there wasn't much regrets. :p
Then I went to Fully Booked  which was just in the same building with Bon Chon. Of course, I didn't have any intentions to buy a book. I still have several novels that I still haven't read. I just wanted to enter the store because silly may it seem to you, but the sight of new books in a shelf gives some kind of bliss to me. I saw a lot of books that I've been wanting to read. If only I were rich, I would definitely buy them all.
I wasn't supposed to, but still I bought one. It was not part of my budget this week because as you can see, this was an impulsive buying. I didn't feel bad though, since I always believe that purchasing a book is a good investment.

I chose The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo among the many possible good reads because I heard that its movie adaptation was good, so I presumed that the book was also good. It might be even better, you know. Also, I miss reading mystery novels.

That's my solo adventure at Katipunan Avenue, friends. You might ask why this post is entitled, Half-crazy. Well, while I was eating at Bon Chon, the song Half-Crazy by Side-A was played. And I thought that the song would be a good blog title. It could give mystery. That's just the reason behind it. A random, beautiful title for a random blog post. 

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