December 22, 2012

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

I love Kpop. People who know me in real life know that single fact. Even the ones who follow this blog a long time now (if there is really one other than my close friends) have been given the idea that one of the sources of my happiness is Kpop. Yeah, that seems shallow but I will always be proud that I love it. And I can shout that to the whole wide, crazy world.

This December 29, 2012, I will definitely go to the 4th Philippine Kpop Convention which will be held at the PICC FORUMS 1-3. This is the kind of event which fanatics of Kpop would want to attend. A lot of things are offered in this once-a-year activity that will make fans feed their hunger enough for fangirling. :) I only discovered this cool event last year. I planned to go but decided not to few days before it happened. I just found no one to come with me and I didn't want to come alone. But now, whether I can find a companion or not to go there, I will come. I just realized that having a friend with me is not really a big deal. Of course, it would be more fun when you have someone to talk with, to share your fangirling thoughts with. But when you get there, I believe that you would forget that you come alone simply because it would be extremely FUN.

What I am most excited about with this event is seeing the groups, A. CIAN and F. CUZ. OMG! It would be the greatest thing to culminate my year. Ever since I saw BEAST in person years ago, I have developed a kind of obsession to see every KPOP group that exists. Actually, I only checked the said two groups after learning that they will be guesting the convention. My impression about them? OMG! They're so good looking especially the group, A. CIAN! Seul Gi, Jang Ung Sik and Sanghyun are soooo cute(kyeopta)! The sight of their faces makes me drool!hehehe. The thought of seeing them soon just gives me something to look forward to for next week. Also, I like their music. F. CUZ's Wanna be your love just stole my heart. It is sooo nakakakilig and let me use the word CUTE again! Yeah, I love cute stuff. And I think that's the main reason why I ended up loving kpop. 

Another thing that excites me for the convention is the Kpop merchandise! Waaahh.. I want to buy a tumbler with the image of L(Infinite) or Dongwoo(Infinite) or Daehyun(BAP), a shirt, a keychain, posters and even a calendar if there is one. I might even buy an album. :) Weeehhh.. I'm so excited.

Are you going too?

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention is sponsored by the best telecommunications in the Philippines (Yes, I've been using it since I got a cellphone. And I never experienced using other networks.) which is GLOBE, Standard Appliance (the brand of our stove), Pond's, Basic House, Liole and a lot more!

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