January 08, 2013

BB Cream Update: Now Using Missha

I got a new BB cream. I'm using it for a week now. 

It's Missha M Perfect Cover! It is so expensive because for only 20mL, it costs P799.00. 
Look how small it is.

Last December, I went to Trinoma to buy a new BB cream. I was actually wanting to buy from The Face Shop because prior to that, I read a beautiful review of one of its BB creams. My bad, I didn't search where were their stores. I went to Landmark which was inside Trinoma and saw stalls of different brands of beauty products. I was searching for The Face Shop and what I found was Missha. I went to its stall, just trying to see their products. There was an attendant and I asked her if there was a store of The Face Shop there. She said none and she was already up for selling the Missha product. Without her there, I don't think I would end up buying. She was a real good seller. I was able to purchase in spite of the pricey product.

She pointed to me their bestseller and that was the one that I bought. She talked a lot of good things about it. She even mentioned that Missha products were highly praised in blog reviews. I have to check it myself, she said. I told her that it was expensive for me. She informed me that Missha in Korea was the high end product. I was still in the stage of discovering the best BB cream for my face and right there, I wondered how it would do to my skin. So I was like, "Okay let's try it. Maybe it's the best BB cream that has ever been in the market. :p" And besides, though it looked so small, it would last for months as what the sales lady assured me. For me, a 800-peso product that could be used for a span of one month wouldn't be that bad.

How is it, you might ask. Well, so far not bad.hehe. I'll make a review about it later this month.

photo source

Do you know that the endorser of Missha is DBSK/TVXQ? DBSK whose members now are Yunho and Changmin, is one of the most known K-pop groups not just in South Korea but all over the world. They actually belong to my top 5 favorite groups. ^_^ I have read from a website that the trend now in Korea is that products which are being consumed by women are endorsed by men celebrities because they found out that they can draw lots of customers if the celebrity crushes of those women are the ones who promote the brand.

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