January 07, 2013

Please be good to me, 2013

The year 2012 had been extra good to me. I bade farewell to it with a smile. Now that another year has come, I’m hoping that this would be the best year ever in my life. There are two major things that I wanted to happen this year: 1.) to graduate this April and 2.) to top (yes, mapangahas ako) the board exam this September. I am just asking for those two things and if they’ll come true, I’ll be superbly and infinitely thankful for this year.

Since I said before that I’d share my graduation pictures from my grad pictorial, well here is my formal attire. Others will follow for the next few posts. I claimed it last November. Am I satisfied? Of course I am. I am not just proud of my big face. It has already been edited. They said that I looked so different here. Well, Photoshop and make-up made my face look better. On normal days, my hair is straight. Actually, that was the first time that I had that kind of hairstyle. Then my eyebrows were enhanced. My pimples and scars were being concealed. (I wish they also did something to my big face.haha.) So it isn't a surprise that people would hesitate if I am really that girl. 

There were four different kinds of poses that I had to choose from. Unfortunately to me, it seemed like there were only two different poses because the other two were almost identical with the other. I asked some help from few of my girl friends, I can only remember five of them, to pick the best. They selected the same pose, the one that I liked the least. Which one did I choose? It's the one that they unanimously deemed the nicest. 

That's just it for today, my friends. Belated happy new year to you. 
May we all have the most awesome year this 2013. :D

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