March 12, 2013

Almost There

I opened my journal today. I bought it last 2010 in the month of June. Almost three years have gone by but around 75% of its pages are still blank. I thought it would be filled with words before it reached its first year. But here it is, rarely written by its owner, always being ignored by me.

So I was telling that I opened it today. I saw a written page dated last November 14, 2012. Funny because it even has a title which I usually do not do. And funny because I didn't remember scribbling the entire thing.

ALMOST THERE! I was talking about college graduation. I told myself and my imaginary readers that one more semester is left and I’m going to get a diploma from my childhood dream university. I was talking about studying hard because it’s not going to be easy. I was encouraging myself with words like 'Aja!, 'Fighting!' and 'You can do it'. I told myself to be still because our God is a God of grace. 

Today, our teacher gave back our second-exam blue book. When I found out that I passed the exam, I wanted to hug him right there and say, "Sir, thank you talaga Sir. Sobra. T_T" Our second exam was difficult and long. It (the exam) was really depressing, overly depressing. I even said this to my classmate after I took the exam, "Gusto ko ng magpakamatay" (I wanted to die). I even tweeted this:
That moment when you forgot how to be happy because of that exam.

But lo and behold, our teacher became extra kind. Our exam which was supposed to be over 150 had become over 100! He made the essay part just a bonus. Then he was very considerate slash generous on giving partial points. And he gave 5 points bonus to the students who were present during the checking of that said exam. Also last week, we had a 20-point surprise quiz and whatever score we got would be added to our second exam score! WOW! I got 15 points, so I have a total of 20 points additional. Thus, on my second exam, I got 101%. It really made my day. I am so happy na shinare ko pa talaga dito. Buti na lang hindi ako nagpakamatay, naging mabait pala si Sir. :)

Right now, I've got higher percentage of graduating.

Dear God, please let me graduate this very semester, pretty, pretty please.


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