March 10, 2013

Anak of Fredie Aguilar on Running Man

There's more to music than its lyrics.

I was watching the 26th episode of Running Man when Anak of Fredie Aguilar was mentioned and sang by one of its guests and one of its mainstay cast. Running Man is a popular Korean show which already has 135 episodes as of this day, which started in 2010. Recently, I've become a fan of this show because it has never failed to make me laugh. The show has become my main source of laughter. Oh, you just don't know how much I love to laugh.hehehe.

On its 26th episode, one of the challenges was to sing a foreign song that was popular in Korea in the past. The team who can sing it closest to the original would win. The Korean actor guest, Jin Young, was asked if he listened a lot of popular foreign songs in the past. So here are the screenshots of how the conversation went.

Wow! A lot! I wonder how many that 'a lot' meant. ^_^ 

That was Ajhussi (uncle in Korean) Suk Jin asking. He is the oldest cast of Running Man. 
Jin Young replied yes. Then they asked him to sing a part of it.

He did sing and this was his lyrics: Nung ishilang ka sa mundong ito NAKARAMDAMDAM...

Then Suk Jin sang too!
Suk Jin's lyrics: Nung ishilang ka sa mundong ito laking tuwa ng NAY MULAN MO..

I learned one thing, Anak was super duper popular in the 70's not just in my country but even in foreign lands like my beloved South Korea. I wasn't born in the 70's but I know this song by heart. Growing up, I heard the song on the radio, my father had a cassette tape of it and he even has a VCD of it which is still functioning. 

Although I was so young when I first listened to the song, I felt the sadness of how unconditional love was never returned, it was even paid with pain and hurt. :(  Songs pertaining to families or more specifically to parents, could really stir my emotions.

Yet those who didn't understand Tagalog loved the song even before they knew about its message. They sang it, uttered nung, tuwa, mundong, isilang and etc without even knowing what they meant. More often than not, they even sang the wrong lyrics. But that didn't stop them to love a song because after all, there's a lot more to music than its lyrics. :D

Here's a good English translation of Anak (source):

When you were born into this world
It was your Parent’s happiest time
And their hands became your light
And your Mother and Father didn’t know what to do,
Observing you, even in your sleep
At every night your Mother stays awake just to prepare
your milk
And every morning you’re with your Father,
Who's very proud of you

Now you got older, and you want to be free
They may not agree but there isn't anything they
could do
Then you suddenly changed, you became hard-headed
And you disobeyed everything they've said
Didn’t you even think that what they're doing was
for you?
Because you want to do everything you want
You don't mind them anymore

More days passed and your path went astray
And you got involved in bad habits
And the first person who you ran to,
was your mother who was crying
And she asked "Child, why are you like that?"
And your eyes was tearing without you noticing
With regret you learned, that you were wrong
With regret you learned, that you were wrong

Afterwards you forgot even your bad habits
A Big thanks came from your parents
Then you completely changed
You found yourself and who you are
Your mind was now straight
The days continued to go by, and you learned 
How to love
Not long after, you settled down

After your teenage years was done,
You’re close to being a Father
So you strived and worked harder
The day you awaited came,
Your eldest child was born
Like heaven is what you felt

Now my son, you know how it feels
To be a father
That's the same feeling of what your
Mother and Father felt when they saw you

Now you felt, now you experienced,
Now you understood
Your Mother was right all along
Your Father was right all along
Now you won't wonder anymore

It's no joke to be a parent, now you've experienced
It's no joke to be a parent, now you've experienced

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