March 15, 2013


It is papa's birthday today. He turns 58! Yeah, he is the oldest in the family. I texted him in the morning saying, "Hi pa, happy happy birthday. Love you. God bless." He then replied few minutes after, "thank you God is good all the times." hahaha.. Papa doesn't like using punctuation marks that much.

Yesterday, it was mama's birthday. She just turned 50! When we were kids, we were fascinated by how close their birthdays were. Papa would tell us that it showed how much destined they were for each other.hahaha. Papa was cheesy. 

Speaking of cheesy, one time papa told me that he saw a young couple in the market acting mushy with each other. When he was about to pass by them, he said, "CHEESY!". He then asked me, "Yan, what is cheesy?" Together with my mother, we laughed our hearts out. We told him how he could possibly say such thing when he didn't know the meaning in the first place. He said that he just heard it from the television. I think he was referring to the Greenwich commercial.

Hahaha. My papa is such a funny guy without even trying.

Another year has added to their ages, I wish them these three important things: good health, happiness and love.

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