March 25, 2013

The Midnight Owl

3:28 am

I just got back here in my dormitory together with my two roommates from studying at a snack cafe in Maginhawa. It was my first time to study and eat there. I can say that I was productive when I was at The Midngiht Owl for 9 consecutive hours, although I wasn't able to finish studying all the topics to be covered by my exam tomorrow. I like the place. I would love to come back there again. Here are the reasons why:

1.) The taxi fare from there to my dorm is just P75 compared to Katipunan to here which usually costs around P100. 

2.) They have free Wi-fi. But I didn't use it when I was there because I didn't need to.

3.) They serve rice meals, sandwich, milkshake, tea, coffee, popcorn, mojo, fries and a lot more.

4.) The place is conducive for studying. :)

5.) They close much later than Starbucks in Katipunan.


  • They give a P20/hour charge when you need to plug your devices or gadgets.
  •  You are not allowed to bring food which are bought from the outside. My friends bought tea from Moonleaf and after several minutes, someone approached us and we were informed about that rule. My friends had to go outside and had to finish drinking their tea there. 
But the buts are okay, I still like to go back there and study. Yet, it is really expensive to study outside. Although it drains money from my pocket, I'd still choose to study somewhere apart from my dorm.

So how much did I spend? Here's the list.hoho.

Chicken ala king: P99
Kropeck and Mojo: P30 (one order of kropeck as well as mojo for a total of 113. four of us shared so we paid 30 each. :p)
oreo milk shake: P89
brewed coffee: P35 (a buy one take one coffee which costs P69)
ikot fare: P7
tricycle fare: P9
taxi fare: P20
Total:  Php299.00

Nowadays, almost every thing you do has a price tag.

Good luck to my exam tomorrow. I can do this. ^_^

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