April 21, 2013

Graduation Attire

Our college recognition rites will be on April 29 (Monday). It is supposed to be on the 27th (Saturday) but due to the very limited capacity of the venue, it is moved to a larger place, then eventually to a different date because of its availability. Yeah right, almost all of the schools in my country were already done with it. I don't know about my university but it is usually held this time (April 20-something) of the year. The sunflowers are already blooming and earlier, I heard two women talking about it that by the time the graduation rites arrives, the flowers will surely wither already. You should understand that sunflowers in my campus entails graduation. 

I will definitely march, yet only at the college recognition rites and not at the university commencement exercise. The difference between the two is that the previous one is participated by the graduates within the College of Engineering. While the latter is to be joined by everyone (graduates) whatever college you are from. I chose the CRR because I want a more intimate one.hehe. And I don't need to go to the UCE since marching once will be enough for me.

Last Wednesday, I went to Divisoria together with my roommate and her sister to buy a dress which will be worn at the said rites. Divisoria is the place to be when you want to purchase something cheap. We decided to go there on a weekday although that meant that I had to be absent at work for weekends would have lots of hassle given the number of people who would be going there.

It was not easy to look for an ecru or white dress. Yes, that is the required color. We don't wear toga. During graduation, we are to wear dress colored white or ecru for women and barong tagalog for men, then both gender will wear "sablay". Here is an example:
Finding a dress that you like and fits on you is hard to do. 168 Mall may have many different clothing stores but only few of them sell white or ecru and decent dresses. Also, some stores didn't have white dresses because they were already bought (according to them, the customers were also from our school). Yeah, we were a little too late. But I did manage to buy one. To tell you honestly, I wasn't really satisfied with it. I just purchased it because I thought I might not be able to find a better one and also, I was sort of being pressured by the seller.  >.< I got the dress for P480.00. 
It is made in Thailand said the seller who was a Chinese old man . It is sleeveless so I have to buy a bolero since there is a memorandum from the university that they are banning the sleeveless ones. Thankfully, I found a beautiful bolero from another store. I bought it for P230.00. Not bad, right?

 For me, the bolero and the dress are perfect pair. It is as if they were made to complement each other. #CHOS The time I purchased the bolero, I was already contented with my attire.
 But my most favorite stuff that I bought that day was the belt! I didn't actually plan to buy one. When we were still searching for stores for dresses for my roommate, we stumbled at a store that was selling several beautiful belts. I was really attracted and I just bought one. It costed me P300.00.

I hope fashion experts will find my attire okay. All I know is that I love the belt and it looks fine for me with the dress and the bolero. Waaahh, I hope this will not be considered as overly-dressed. >.<

You know what, graduating in UP might only happen once in my lifetime. And I just wanted to look good with that one-of-a-kind experience.

April 20, 2013


There are moments of intense happiness that I wanted to DANCE! It's a dance that will make you look stupid but you wouldn't care because the cloud-9-like elation blinded you of seeing shame of doing it.

When I finally got the grade of the last subject that I was waiting for, for me to really call myself a graduate, I wanted to dance until I'd exhaust my last energy.

In my mind, I was dancing like this:
Yeah, the spongebob way! hehehe

Well, I ended up just imagining that I was dancing. But I was really, really happy. :D Because at last, I made it, no matter how long it took me.

Dear blogosphere friends, please do congratulate me for being able to finish BS Geodetic Engineering this year from the University of Pahamak, este Philippines Diliman. ^_^

Thank you UP for setting me free. YAHOOO!

April 11, 2013

Wake Me Up When The Grades Are In

source: tumblr
I am still waiting for my grades. The grades that will determine whether I'll finally graduate from my undergraduate course or not. This is the kind of waiting that makes me weak at my knees. The kind of waiting that gives me a sudden heart attack if I'd be thinking of the worst outcome. Even in my dreams, grades and graduation are the theme. I wanted to graduate already. God knows how much I yearn for it.

These days, all I wanted to do is just sit here and wait for my grades, or sleep and just wake up when they are already available. It just seems like I can't function and think well knowing that I'm restless inside, waiting for the new chapter of my life. 

The deadline of the submission of grades is on April 16. Yes, I am counting the number of days as that date arrives. And today, I am like, "5 days to go!!!!". You know what, that seems like five decades to me now. Ah, the pain and the horror of waiting.

By the way, a cousin asked me if I'd be graduating with honors. I suppressed my laughter. If she only knew how much I crawled most of my subjects just to get a three (passing grade), she wouldn't dare to ask that. I just told her that I'm just an average student here. Wait, I think, I should have said below average. Na, that's a little degrading, I'll settle for average.hehehe. 



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