April 20, 2013


There are moments of intense happiness that I wanted to DANCE! It's a dance that will make you look stupid but you wouldn't care because the cloud-9-like elation blinded you of seeing shame of doing it.

When I finally got the grade of the last subject that I was waiting for, for me to really call myself a graduate, I wanted to dance until I'd exhaust my last energy.

In my mind, I was dancing like this:
Yeah, the spongebob way! hehehe

Well, I ended up just imagining that I was dancing. But I was really, really happy. :D Because at last, I made it, no matter how long it took me.

Dear blogosphere friends, please do congratulate me for being able to finish BS Geodetic Engineering this year from the University of Pahamak, este Philippines Diliman. ^_^

Thank you UP for setting me free. YAHOOO!

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