September 07, 2013

Life Event: Passed the Board Exam

I thought you're not coming back, Jill. If my blogsite could talk, that's what probably it would say to me. This is the longest time that I've been gone on my blog. You may ask what I was up to, I just took the board exam. Reviewing for the board exam has the capacity to clog my mind to write. I guess I was nervous that much.hehehe

But now it's over and the result came in yesterday. YES, I PASSED!!! :D I'm just so happy. A burden from my shoulder was taken away. I thank God for His faithfulness. I was actually nervous of the result because of how difficult math was. We were already warned of the toughness of the subject but it was during the exam that we truly realized the magnitude of its difficulty. It was really hard, I wanted to curse math that time. What did comfort me, though, was what the previous passers said that they might curve. And I guess they did curve because I guessed a lot of items there, unless I was very lucky which was very unlikely.

I first called my mother. And I was like screaming, "Mama, engineer na ko!!!!" And my mother was just so happy and said, "Naa na koy anak na engineer." I then called my kuya, my kuya whom I just met that very day. He had no reaction, I mean, if mama was like jumping, he was like, "there is no surpise about it." Kuya said that he expected me to pass without a doubt. When I even told him earlier that day that math was very hard, he was like, "sus, whatever ate." But I thank kuya, he believed in me from the very start.

I am also happy that the no. 1 spot comes from our school. Yay, Borly made it! He deserved it! He is really good especially in programming. There was not a single subject that we became classmates, but I heard about his great mind.hehe. And this year, we became friends because we both worked at the same office. I remember seeing him at nso the day before the deadline of the registration at the prc. Oo, kami lang ata ang wala pang birth cert that time.hahaha. I already claimed my certificate and I said that I'm already going to the prc. He said thay while waiting for his, he will play dota at the nearest shop. According to him, he had studied much already and he wanted to relax by playing that phenomenal game.

*Congrats to us, passers. It's time to party. Yeah! Yeah!


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