October 26, 2013

Kpop Saturday #2: JYJ's Get Out

Hi friends! Here I am again on a Saturday trying to convince you that kpop is good. :) It would take a lot of Saturdays before my favorite music videos will all be shared on this blog. So yes, this will go on for over a year. Well, given that I'd stick to my goal whatever emotions I'd be feeling in the future. >.<

Here is a song of one of the most talented groups in the industry.

Date Released: September 2011

Current views on Youtube: 5.6 million

The title itself gives us an idea of what the song is all about. Get Out is a short statement always spoken in an angry manner. We say "Get Out!" to a person whose presence annoys or irritates us. We also utter "Get out!" to an individual we don't want to see in our life anymore.

The video explicitly shows the bitter emotion due to the lady's unfaithfulness towards her partner. She is caught in the act of being physically intimate with another man. To a man, that kind of scene is a very shattering one especially when it comes to someone he really loves.

I didn't like this song the instant I saw the mv. It took me over a year maybe to watch it again on youtube and finally appreciate it. This happened because of Yoochun. Yoochun is one of JYJ's members who is also one of the known impressive actors in Korea. I started digging about him in the internet after I watched his very hilarious drama, Rooftop Prince. That was the moment I played the video again and saw it in a different light.

Let me present to you the three members of the group. (As you know, the images are screenshots from the video above.) JYJ by the way comes from the initials of their names, J for Jaejoong, Y for Yoochun and J for Junsu.

October 24, 2013

NAIA Terminal 3

1:20 AM

I've been sitting on the floor for over an hour already. I can't find an unoccupied seat because there are just too many people. I overheard two women talking. The younger one said that her flight was supposed to be yesterday at 10 am and it was moved later at 7 am. The older woman she was talking to was afraid that her own flight will also be delayed. I am also worried that same fate will happen to me, after all the young lady elaborated that many other flights were also delayed. The reason of the late flight, according to her, was a tower has to be fixed. I just saw a cameraman and a newscaster from TV5 and I think there is a problem in the airport worth sharing to the public. I am not hopeful anymore to be able to fly at the scheduled time. I'm sort of being accostumed to delayed flights. Third world problem it is.

You might be wondering where I'm going to. I am just starting a new chapter of my life. Yes, that fresh chapter will not be held in Quezon City. I am heading somewhere closer to home.

October 19, 2013

Kpop Saturday #1: BTOB's Thriller

If people on Instagram has this concept of Throwback Thursday (#tbt) wherein they post past pictures every Thursday, I am starting my own series here called Kpop Saturday. Simple, I’m going to share to you one Korean pop music video a week on that said day. That’s the kind of series that I’m quite confident that I could keep up to. Kpop is part of my daily routine. I know that a lot of you have a mocking eye towards it and I can’t blame you for that because I was at your shoe once. Therefore, one reasons why I start this series is I want to help you appreciate it. As what Rowling said about books:
Source: tumblr
It also applies to kpop. "Everyone can love kpop music.. Some just haven't found their favorite song yet." So yeah, that's my world-changing advocacy (#sarcasm).

Talking about the official music videos, I am only sharing the ones that I have liked. Those which I have played many times. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of kpop mv's out there but there are only few that I like. 

I am starting with the one that I downloaded recently. I discovered it on Youtube. 

Date Released: September 2013

Current Views on Youtube: 1.4 million

I like its beat. I am usually drawn to this kind of songs where there is a party feel. I am not impressed with their dancing skills but I definitely love their vocals. It is Ilhoon's rap that is my main favorite.

BTOB means Born To Beat. It consists of seven boy members whose ages range from 18-23. This is not the first song that I like from them, it is the third so I can already recognize them. When you encounter a group for the first time, it is a very usual reaction when you say, "they all look the same!!". But when you see them more often, it is then you realize how different they are from each other

Here are the members, in case you are curious like that. The pictures are screenshots from the video above.

He is a surprise in this video. He looks different now. He has lost some weight and I tell you, he looks better compared before. 

He is undeniably the best vocalist within the group. Of course, no one can possibly disagree with that.

I can't say anything about this guy. I just don't like him that much.

He is a very charming rapper. ^_^ One of my two BTOB crushes. #kilig

Ikr, he is handsome. He is the face of the group. It is not hard to get his screenshots because he has many exposures.

Another rapper but I'm not that impressed. He has, I think, the least part.

Another crushie in this group. ^_^ His charm shows the most every time he sings his part. #chos #kilig

October 17, 2013

when you have a friend who is a fanboy

Hi there everyone, I received a wonderful present from a guy friend last Sunday. He is a chinggu (Korean word for friend) who is also into Kpop. I tell you, he is straight. We actually bash each other’s favorites but that is just a joke, maybe half meant.hehe. He likes IU, Girls' Generation and other girl idols, while I am mostly into boy groups. We met last Sunday because we went to an orgmate’s thanksgiving celebration. (By the way, the food was good. I was definitely full! Thank you JM!) The friend knows I like INFINITE the most. I was pleasantly surprised when he handed me a photo card of one of INFINITE’s members! 

He got a free card while he was working as a trainee in KCC (Korean Cultural Center). He didn’t know my ultimate bias so he just picked the best looking member. There really is a universal beauty. Although the cliché, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, still stands true, there is some kind of beauty that almost everyone would agree upon. Myungsoo or more popularly known as L, is the face of the group. If you are not familiar with kpop, “face of the group” means he is the most handsome among the members.

I made my personal ranking of INFINITE’s seven members on this post. Just see how close L is to my heart.

In my imaginative kpop universe, L is my boyfriend, although I choose Dongwoo as my future husband.hehe. 

With this wonderful gesture of my friend, I am reminded by a beautiful quote I encountered from Tumblr:

By the way, if you’re curious about where did my blog header come from, it is from this video. Yeah, it is a screenshot!hehehe!

October 08, 2013

practicing assertion

Last February, I went to BIR Delta (Quezon City) to get my TIN (taxpayer identification number). I was able to do it but I didn't get an ID. It was around 4 in the afternoon and a staff told me that I was late for processing a TIN identification card.

Last week, I went back to the said office after eight months to have an ID. Since I am a bum (no job) right now, I wanted to be productive. I was so disappointed when I was informed that the releasing of ID's was only during 8am-12nn. I should have known the exact time so that an effort to go there wouldn't be a waste! I came there around 3pm. I know, I should have been earlier. :|

Today, I went there again. I arrived at 11am. I was quiet confident that on this third attempt, I would finally get an ID. Do you know what response I received when I said my purpose? The sir told me this,

"Naubusan ng card. Balik ka na lang." There is no card left. Just come back again.

I was raging inside, primarily because of what I supposed to be my bad luck. In situations like this,  I always prefer to be passive. Well yes, thanks to my introversion. I can only count with my fingers the times I was being assertive or when I spoke out for myself. I would always choose to say, "Ah ok po." But I found myself saying this,

"Sir, ilang ulit na akong pabalik-balik dito..." Sir, I've come here many times.

He cut my complaint and responded,

"Pumunta ka sa counter 4. Sabihin mo na pang-apat mo ng balik dito." Go to counter 4 and tell her that you've been here 4 times.

I talked to the lady at counter 4 and she said that I should get a number and wait for that number to be called. By the way, I didn't tell her that it was my 4th time to come there since that wasn't true. I just said what I wanted to get. To make the long story short, I got an ID after 2 hours!

Wow! If I simply accepted what I was being told, I would have left empty-handed. I should always remind myself that there is nothing wrong in expressing what you think and being assertive is usually better than just acting passive.

I also claimed my PRC ID today.hehehe. I went straight to its office right after I was done with my business at the BIR. I didn't participate in the oathtaking last Saturday where they gave our identification card. I don't want to give reasons why, basta ang masaya sa ginawa ko ay nakatipid ako ng P1,200.00.haha! Yes friends, oathtaking is not compulsory.

October 04, 2013

She's the best romance novelist

Yay! This is Judith McNaught's 8th book (Someone to Watch Over Me) that I already read. For the record, this is the highest number of novels I read from the same author. She is just the best, yo! She has always taken me into a roller coaster ride with her stories. For this book, I am giving her 5 stars out of 5! I find it really amazing that there is a person out there who could write something exactly what you think a romance novel should be.

By the way, this book was given to me from my very, very good friend, Rona. It is a graduation gift. Actually, it is the only present that I received from that occasion. You don't know how much delighted I was to have this. It is just that, I wanted to read all McNaught's novels. To be given an item that you love is what makes a gift extraordinary. Thank you Rona for the effort! :D


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