October 19, 2013

Kpop Saturday #1: BTOB's Thriller

If people on Instagram has this concept of Throwback Thursday (#tbt) wherein they post past pictures every Thursday, I am starting my own series here called Kpop Saturday. Simple, I’m going to share to you one Korean pop music video a week on that said day. That’s the kind of series that I’m quite confident that I could keep up to. Kpop is part of my daily routine. I know that a lot of you have a mocking eye towards it and I can’t blame you for that because I was at your shoe once. Therefore, one reasons why I start this series is I want to help you appreciate it. As what Rowling said about books:
Source: tumblr
It also applies to kpop. "Everyone can love kpop music.. Some just haven't found their favorite song yet." So yeah, that's my world-changing advocacy (#sarcasm).

Talking about the official music videos, I am only sharing the ones that I have liked. Those which I have played many times. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of kpop mv's out there but there are only few that I like. 

I am starting with the one that I downloaded recently. I discovered it on Youtube. 

Date Released: September 2013

Current Views on Youtube: 1.4 million

I like its beat. I am usually drawn to this kind of songs where there is a party feel. I am not impressed with their dancing skills but I definitely love their vocals. It is Ilhoon's rap that is my main favorite.

BTOB means Born To Beat. It consists of seven boy members whose ages range from 18-23. This is not the first song that I like from them, it is the third so I can already recognize them. When you encounter a group for the first time, it is a very usual reaction when you say, "they all look the same!!". But when you see them more often, it is then you realize how different they are from each other

Here are the members, in case you are curious like that. The pictures are screenshots from the video above.

He is a surprise in this video. He looks different now. He has lost some weight and I tell you, he looks better compared before. 

He is undeniably the best vocalist within the group. Of course, no one can possibly disagree with that.

I can't say anything about this guy. I just don't like him that much.

He is a very charming rapper. ^_^ One of my two BTOB crushes. #kilig

Ikr, he is handsome. He is the face of the group. It is not hard to get his screenshots because he has many exposures.

Another rapper but I'm not that impressed. He has, I think, the least part.

Another crushie in this group. ^_^ His charm shows the most every time he sings his part. #chos #kilig

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