October 26, 2013

Kpop Saturday #2: JYJ's Get Out

Hi friends! Here I am again on a Saturday trying to convince you that kpop is good. :) It would take a lot of Saturdays before my favorite music videos will all be shared on this blog. So yes, this will go on for over a year. Well, given that I'd stick to my goal whatever emotions I'd be feeling in the future. >.<

Here is a song of one of the most talented groups in the industry.

Date Released: September 2011

Current views on Youtube: 5.6 million

The title itself gives us an idea of what the song is all about. Get Out is a short statement always spoken in an angry manner. We say "Get Out!" to a person whose presence annoys or irritates us. We also utter "Get out!" to an individual we don't want to see in our life anymore.

The video explicitly shows the bitter emotion due to the lady's unfaithfulness towards her partner. She is caught in the act of being physically intimate with another man. To a man, that kind of scene is a very shattering one especially when it comes to someone he really loves.

I didn't like this song the instant I saw the mv. It took me over a year maybe to watch it again on youtube and finally appreciate it. This happened because of Yoochun. Yoochun is one of JYJ's members who is also one of the known impressive actors in Korea. I started digging about him in the internet after I watched his very hilarious drama, Rooftop Prince. That was the moment I played the video again and saw it in a different light.

Let me present to you the three members of the group. (As you know, the images are screenshots from the video above.) JYJ by the way comes from the initials of their names, J for Jaejoong, Y for Yoochun and J for Junsu.

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