October 08, 2013

practicing assertion

Last February, I went to BIR Delta (Quezon City) to get my TIN (taxpayer identification number). I was able to do it but I didn't get an ID. It was around 4 in the afternoon and a staff told me that I was late for processing a TIN identification card.

Last week, I went back to the said office after eight months to have an ID. Since I am a bum (no job) right now, I wanted to be productive. I was so disappointed when I was informed that the releasing of ID's was only during 8am-12nn. I should have known the exact time so that an effort to go there wouldn't be a waste! I came there around 3pm. I know, I should have been earlier. :|

Today, I went there again. I arrived at 11am. I was quiet confident that on this third attempt, I would finally get an ID. Do you know what response I received when I said my purpose? The sir told me this,

"Naubusan ng card. Balik ka na lang." There is no card left. Just come back again.

I was raging inside, primarily because of what I supposed to be my bad luck. In situations like this,  I always prefer to be passive. Well yes, thanks to my introversion. I can only count with my fingers the times I was being assertive or when I spoke out for myself. I would always choose to say, "Ah ok po." But I found myself saying this,

"Sir, ilang ulit na akong pabalik-balik dito..." Sir, I've come here many times.

He cut my complaint and responded,

"Pumunta ka sa counter 4. Sabihin mo na pang-apat mo ng balik dito." Go to counter 4 and tell her that you've been here 4 times.

I talked to the lady at counter 4 and she said that I should get a number and wait for that number to be called. By the way, I didn't tell her that it was my 4th time to come there since that wasn't true. I just said what I wanted to get. To make the long story short, I got an ID after 2 hours!

Wow! If I simply accepted what I was being told, I would have left empty-handed. I should always remind myself that there is nothing wrong in expressing what you think and being assertive is usually better than just acting passive.

I also claimed my PRC ID today.hehehe. I went straight to its office right after I was done with my business at the BIR. I didn't participate in the oathtaking last Saturday where they gave our identification card. I don't want to give reasons why, basta ang masaya sa ginawa ko ay nakatipid ako ng P1,200.00.haha! Yes friends, oathtaking is not compulsory.

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