November 25, 2013

Gingoog City's Grahe

November 23 is the day my sister was born. That means a celebration slash pigging out. She went home on her birthday. Good thing Iligan City (where she is studying) is just a bus away from home although the travel takes around 4-5 hours. We usually just cook food at home. Well, what I mean is them because I can’t cook. But the effort and time of cooking definitely didn’t appeal to us. Plus, you have to wash the dishes. So we all agreed to just eat outside.

When it comes to delicious and affordable food in Gingoog City, the establishment that first comes to mind is the Grahe Sidewalk Grill. It is also known for its beautiful and cool ambiance. Grahe is a Cebuano term for garage.  It is not your ordinary kainan (eating place) because it is themed as a garage. When you go inside, you would notice plate numbers decorated on the walls. There are also old automobiles being displayed.

This one’s an important reminder to diners (refer to the picture below). When it comes to choosing a table, they should take into account of how many they are. One of the little problems that I observe in any food establishments is that costumers just pick a table that they find comfortable without thinking that the one they occupy are for 8 people while they are only three. When a company of 8 individuals arrive, a problem occurs because the only available table is only for four. Actually, we shouldn’t be bothered about it. That’s one of the perks of arriving first; you have a choice of where to sit. Then that’s the problem of the owner when their other costumers don’t have any place to occupy. But then come on, we should be sensitive to others. 

Grahe is most popular of their barbecues. I love barbecue. I think almost everyone loves bbq that’s why they are drawing a lot of carnivores to their place. :p The entrance welcomes you with their raw meat which are yet to be grilled. There are many kinds of barbecues to choose from. You can have different parts of a chicken like legs, necks, wings and more. You can even have a chicken’s internal organs. Of course, there is also pork. You can say that barbecues are a mainstream food where you can buy in many places just like in our city. But I tell you, Grahe provides the best taste here.

You have to get a plate and put there the items you are ordering. When you’re through, you have to give it to the crew sitting nearest to the displayed raw barbecues, so that it will then be grilled. He would then give you a piece of paper which you are going to hand to the cashier located inside. At the cashier, you can order other stuff like drinks and other foods to eat. Aside from the barbecues, we ordered kinilaw, tuna sisig, 5 cups of rice, 2 bottles of Tanduay Ice and 1 lt. of Sprite. My father paid around P500. Although our foods were yet to be cooked, we waited not too long. I was just dismayed that a waiter approached and informed us that they didn’t have kinilaw anymore. It was really disappointing when you look forward for something and it doesn’t happen. It was just an utter disappointment. L But I got over it quickly. :p

 We enjoyed our food. We had 2 cups of rice each. Yeah, we additionally bought 3 cups of rice. While eating, there was a LIVE band performing ala MYMP. The lady has a good voice. I remember that she sang Nina’s Someday, Perri’s A Thousand Years and Southborder(??)’s Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin huwag lang ang aking mahal oooh ooohh. It was not a surprise that you would eat with an emo heart because of the music.hehehe. Seriously speaking, it was nice eating while listening to music, well, that kind of music which was relaxing.

After devouring, we had our camwhoring moment! Haha! This generation just thinks that there is a need of capturing every moment of our lives. Thank you to my parents who were cooperative.

Here’s the birthday girl who was checking her facebook account. Grahe also has a free wi-fi connection which you can directly connect.

That was our simple celebration to the simple lady who is very dear in our hearts. J

P.S. If you are planning to go to Grahe, please do remember that they are only open during DINNER TIME.

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