December 30, 2013


Jayson: Naa na kay uyab Yan?
              (Do you already have a boyfriend, Yan?)
Me: Wala pa gyud Son.
        (I still don't have a boyfriend, Son.)
Jayson: Ako pud wala ug si May-May pud.
              (Me too and also May-May.)
              Hala Yan, gipang-sumpa man siguro ta!
              (Emehged Yan, I think we were cursed!)

When close friends meet after a very long time, an update of each other's love life is never missed out. I had a dinner with one of my closest friends here in Gingoog and we talked, I mean, he talked a lot of stuff. That's just how our frienship is, he talks more and I listen more. I tell you, I never complain about that. Amazingly, most of the stuff he shared to me were the things I were inclined to listen. Yeah, we clicked and we will always click with each other. What I also like about this friend is his witty and funny comments!! He just never fails to make me laugh! He totally made me laugh as he tried to explain our loveless (romantic) lives!hehehe!

Cursed!! If someone will ask me why I don't have a boyfriend, I think it's fun to say, "IT'S BECAUSE I WAS CURSED!!!"

Oh dear, I'm wondering now if there is a way for us to break the curse. #lol

December 28, 2013

Kpop Saturday #11: INFINITE H's Special Girl

Here's a romantic and sweet music video of INFINITE's subgroup, INFINITE H. ^_^

Date Released: January 2013

Current views on Youtube: 2.7 million

INFINITE H means INFINITE Hip-hop. This subgroup has only been created this year. This is their first music video that was released. Their album was successful because their expectation was surpassed. I can't remember if it was in or, but I read that the company produced this particular number of copies and the orders were beyond what they had prepared. Since the result was good, I hope that they would  release another album in the near future.

Wazzup wazzup yow!
I just googled the English translation of what they're singing! It is about a secret love or a secret admiration. The guy wanted to confess his feelings but he just can't gather the courage to say. He ended up to be just looking at her from a distance. So yeah, it's more like a stalker song.hehe

"Glimpsing at you without anyone noticing it became my habit
And sometimes, when our eyes meet
I become an actor acting as if it was nothing"
Read more: 

INFINITE H is composed of Hoya and Dongwoo, the best two dancers of the group (INFINITE). They are also the main rappers. When it comes to dancing, it's easy to tell that Hoya is a little bit better than Dongwoo. When it comes to rapping, though, Dongwoo is definitely the one who performs excellently. Okay, I confess that sometimes, Hoya's rap or his voice annoys and irritates me. Sometimes I wish  that he would just dance.



I appreciate Wolliment Entertainment, the company that manages the group, because they entrusted Hoya and Dongwoo a sub-unit. The company believed that the two could make it without Myungsoo, the most good-looking member or Sunggyu, the best vocalist. So far, INFINITE H is the only sub-unit of the group. Next year, there might be another unit. Why not, right? After all, Wolliment has lots of surprises in store for all the Inspirits around the world. 

December 26, 2013

Christmas Belen

Christmas day has just passed by here in the Philippines.

Still, the season isn't over yet.

So Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I wish everyday is Christmas day because people seem to be kind and forgiving. hehehe. 

I just love a lot of things about this most important occasion for all Christians around the world.

Nights look more beautiful because of those Christmas lights.

Houses are more elegant because of additional decorations.

The air is cool.

People have more money in their pockets.

There is abundance of food on the table.

The list goes on, my friend, you know that. :)

For the last two years, I spent my Christmas away from home. I'm just happy right now that I am here with my family, although not complete because my brother is in Morocco (he's a seafarer). It just feels good to be home in this particular season.

This is the first time by the way that we have a belen in the house. My sister made it! I'm so proud of her for being creative and resourceful. I am not inclined to build stuff, so creating a belen didn't come to my mind. But my sister is a doer, I'm just generally a watcher/observer.

She didn't buy anything to build our simple belen. She got skin of a wood for the roof, wall and floor. She then used stick glue to paste them. There you go, Jesus already has a shelter.

Jesus wasn't born in a classy, expensive place. Kaya 'wag kang mag-inarte jan, kasi naging mahirap din ang buhay Niya. The King was born in a manger. My sister wanted to build closer to that place that was why she used a wood's skin.

Unfortunately, we didn't find two figurines that can represent Papa Joseph and Mama Mary. That's why Jesus is alone in there.

NO WORRIES!! In the absence of His parents, there is the presence of the cherubs outside honored to be watching over Him. I just love that angel at the rightmost side. He is just so cute!!!!

I love our belen. It is simple, yet made out of love. :))

Merry Christmas once again! :)

December 24, 2013

Kindergarten ID Picture

certified Asian
I thank my mother for keeping this picture even if its area is only 1 square inch.

Two decades have already gone by since this picture was taken. Time flies so fast. I can still remember my first day of school in which I arrived late! My uncle accompanied me and I was so ashamed knowing that my classmates were already there and the teacher was already talking.

I remember a lot of things from that year of my first experience of going to school. In general, they were not good. I didn't have fun. I didn't make any friends. I was afraid of my teacher. I wasn't a bright student. Well, I started to be one. In first grading, I was second in the class but my place was deteriorating as another grading came to pass. When the recognition day arrived, I only got a Well-behaved ribbon!hahaha! My parents were not proud of me. They didn't even attend that last school activity. I had a reward, though, in finishing Kindergarten, an ice cream bought by my mother! Was I happy? Of course I was! Ice cream that time for me was more than enough. :D 

December 21, 2013

Kpop Saturday #10: BEAST's Mystery


I have loved this song even before I was able to watch the video. I actually didn't know that it has an official music video. After regularly listening to the song for about a month since my discovery, I found myself typing the song on Youtube. I was expecting that I would find something that was made by their company and not just by a bored fan. And my expectation obviously wasn't put down because I found this.

Date Released: February 2012

Current views on Youtube: 7 million

I absolutely don't know what the song is all about. The one-word English title doesn't help and even the music video. I don't care about the lyrics, though, as I have always stated. The fact that the music suits my taste is enough for me to include it in my playlist. ;)

I love BEAST. I can say that they're the group that I really like next to INFINITE. Chincha! I just love many of their songs. It is just funny how much I like this group now because I despised them before.

Here are two screenshots from the mv, showing to you the members of the group. Please do guess my bias. The feature that I most like about him is his eyes.hihihi

left to right: Dongwoon, Gikwang, Junhyung

left to right: Doojoon, Yoseob, Hyunseung

December 14, 2013

Kpop Saturday #9: Miss A's I Don't Need A Man

Anneyong Haseyo!

Here’s one example of a video that I have liked at first view and listen. It was my friend who showed this to me. I instantly downloaded the mv so that I can play it over and over again.

This is for all the independent ladies..

(Oh wow, this one has an English subtitle!)

Date Released: October 2012

Current views on Youtube: 13.5M

I always don’t seek the meaning of a kpop song by finding its lyrics translated in English in the Internet. When I like a kpop song, I would listen to it even though I’d be forever oblivious of what the lines are saying. So yeah, I only get the hint of what this song is all about from what its video shows and the English words the lyrics’ contain.

I DON’T NEED A MAN to get what I want because I can do it on my own! ---- is the loudest message I got from the mv. If an independent woman needs a man, it’s not because she needs money but for the reason that she loves the person. A lot of females nowadays that they’re main factor in choosing a partner is the wealth a man has and they give a little consideration on how they feel about him. They are not to be discriminated, of course. Because more often than not, it is better that you let your mind win rather than your fragile heart. But the ones who deserve to be admired are those women who don’t follow the shadow of a man just to get rich. This song wants to honor them. This song sends a message to each one of them that the road they chose to travel is something to be proud of.

the singers present themselves in the video. I’m not a total feminist but I simply love what the song is talking about. My favorite part is from 2:58 to 3:10. Although I don’t understand the rap, the rapper’s facial expression, moves and voice is just so good that you think you understand what she’s saying. I have to say that of all the girl rappers I have so far encountered, I find her to be the best.

Here are the four members of Miss A:

JIA (Meng Jia):

FEI (Wang Fei Fei):

MIN (Lee Min Young):

SUZY (Bae Su Ji):

I actually have to go to Wikipedia first in order for me to give you the names of the two members. I only know Suzy and Fei. Suzy is the most popular member in the group. I first saw her in Dream High, a 2011 Korean tv series. I later on learned that she was a member of a kpop group. While I knew Fei during my discovery of this (I don’t need a man) video. I was on Youtube that time and I read on the comments of the mv. There were lots of beautiful comments about Fei, about how pretty and hot she is. I then googled her and I didn’t forget her since then. But if you were to ask me who is my favorite in this group, directly I’d say Suzy. Although she has awkward dance moves, and it is very obvious in this particular mv, I find her really, really pretty and charming. Oh how I wish I had her face!hehehe *envious*

P.S. Please don’t look forward of another Miss A music video because this is yet their only mv that I have loved.

The Most Handsome NBA Player

I've been watching a lot of NBA games recently.

I am interested to watch it because I've been rooting for this one awesome team.

And I do believe that they will be the champion next year. ;)

Yes, I have a favorite team and I have liked them since 2011!

But this post is not about that team because as the title says, it is about the most handsome NBA player.

The most handsome NBA player that will be revealed here is just from my own taste/perspective.

This is not derived from any survey done in the internet.

You must understand, though, that I have not watched all the teams play in this regular season. So I might miss someone way more good-looking than this person I'm going to show you.

I just find this guy so attractive despite his beard!

I usually don't like men with beards because I find them dirty-looking, but he is one of the few exceptions.


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