December 26, 2013

Christmas Belen

Christmas day has just passed by here in the Philippines.

Still, the season isn't over yet.

So Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I wish everyday is Christmas day because people seem to be kind and forgiving. hehehe. 

I just love a lot of things about this most important occasion for all Christians around the world.

Nights look more beautiful because of those Christmas lights.

Houses are more elegant because of additional decorations.

The air is cool.

People have more money in their pockets.

There is abundance of food on the table.

The list goes on, my friend, you know that. :)

For the last two years, I spent my Christmas away from home. I'm just happy right now that I am here with my family, although not complete because my brother is in Morocco (he's a seafarer). It just feels good to be home in this particular season.

This is the first time by the way that we have a belen in the house. My sister made it! I'm so proud of her for being creative and resourceful. I am not inclined to build stuff, so creating a belen didn't come to my mind. But my sister is a doer, I'm just generally a watcher/observer.

She didn't buy anything to build our simple belen. She got skin of a wood for the roof, wall and floor. She then used stick glue to paste them. There you go, Jesus already has a shelter.

Jesus wasn't born in a classy, expensive place. Kaya 'wag kang mag-inarte jan, kasi naging mahirap din ang buhay Niya. The King was born in a manger. My sister wanted to build closer to that place that was why she used a wood's skin.

Unfortunately, we didn't find two figurines that can represent Papa Joseph and Mama Mary. That's why Jesus is alone in there.

NO WORRIES!! In the absence of His parents, there is the presence of the cherubs outside honored to be watching over Him. I just love that angel at the rightmost side. He is just so cute!!!!

I love our belen. It is simple, yet made out of love. :))

Merry Christmas once again! :)

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