December 30, 2013


Jayson: Naa na kay uyab Yan?
              (Do you already have a boyfriend, Yan?)
Me: Wala pa gyud Son.
        (I still don't have a boyfriend, Son.)
Jayson: Ako pud wala ug si May-May pud.
              (Me too and also May-May.)
              Hala Yan, gipang-sumpa man siguro ta!
              (Emehged Yan, I think we were cursed!)

When close friends meet after a very long time, an update of each other's love life is never missed out. I had a dinner with one of my closest friends here in Gingoog and we talked, I mean, he talked a lot of stuff. That's just how our frienship is, he talks more and I listen more. I tell you, I never complain about that. Amazingly, most of the stuff he shared to me were the things I were inclined to listen. Yeah, we clicked and we will always click with each other. What I also like about this friend is his witty and funny comments!! He just never fails to make me laugh! He totally made me laugh as he tried to explain our loveless (romantic) lives!hehehe!

Cursed!! If someone will ask me why I don't have a boyfriend, I think it's fun to say, "IT'S BECAUSE I WAS CURSED!!!"

Oh dear, I'm wondering now if there is a way for us to break the curse. #lol

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