December 24, 2013

Kindergarten ID Picture

certified Asian
I thank my mother for keeping this picture even if its area is only 1 square inch.

Two decades have already gone by since this picture was taken. Time flies so fast. I can still remember my first day of school in which I arrived late! My uncle accompanied me and I was so ashamed knowing that my classmates were already there and the teacher was already talking.

I remember a lot of things from that year of my first experience of going to school. In general, they were not good. I didn't have fun. I didn't make any friends. I was afraid of my teacher. I wasn't a bright student. Well, I started to be one. In first grading, I was second in the class but my place was deteriorating as another grading came to pass. When the recognition day arrived, I only got a Well-behaved ribbon!hahaha! My parents were not proud of me. They didn't even attend that last school activity. I had a reward, though, in finishing Kindergarten, an ice cream bought by my mother! Was I happy? Of course I was! Ice cream that time for me was more than enough. :D 

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