December 21, 2013

Kpop Saturday #10: BEAST's Mystery


I have loved this song even before I was able to watch the video. I actually didn't know that it has an official music video. After regularly listening to the song for about a month since my discovery, I found myself typing the song on Youtube. I was expecting that I would find something that was made by their company and not just by a bored fan. And my expectation obviously wasn't put down because I found this.

Date Released: February 2012

Current views on Youtube: 7 million

I absolutely don't know what the song is all about. The one-word English title doesn't help and even the music video. I don't care about the lyrics, though, as I have always stated. The fact that the music suits my taste is enough for me to include it in my playlist. ;)

I love BEAST. I can say that they're the group that I really like next to INFINITE. Chincha! I just love many of their songs. It is just funny how much I like this group now because I despised them before.

Here are two screenshots from the mv, showing to you the members of the group. Please do guess my bias. The feature that I most like about him is his eyes.hihihi

left to right: Dongwoon, Gikwang, Junhyung

left to right: Doojoon, Yoseob, Hyunseung

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