December 28, 2013

Kpop Saturday #11: INFINITE H's Special Girl

Here's a romantic and sweet music video of INFINITE's subgroup, INFINITE H. ^_^

Date Released: January 2013

Current views on Youtube: 2.7 million

INFINITE H means INFINITE Hip-hop. This subgroup has only been created this year. This is their first music video that was released. Their album was successful because their expectation was surpassed. I can't remember if it was in or, but I read that the company produced this particular number of copies and the orders were beyond what they had prepared. Since the result was good, I hope that they would  release another album in the near future.

Wazzup wazzup yow!
I just googled the English translation of what they're singing! It is about a secret love or a secret admiration. The guy wanted to confess his feelings but he just can't gather the courage to say. He ended up to be just looking at her from a distance. So yeah, it's more like a stalker song.hehe

"Glimpsing at you without anyone noticing it became my habit
And sometimes, when our eyes meet
I become an actor acting as if it was nothing"
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INFINITE H is composed of Hoya and Dongwoo, the best two dancers of the group (INFINITE). They are also the main rappers. When it comes to dancing, it's easy to tell that Hoya is a little bit better than Dongwoo. When it comes to rapping, though, Dongwoo is definitely the one who performs excellently. Okay, I confess that sometimes, Hoya's rap or his voice annoys and irritates me. Sometimes I wish  that he would just dance.



I appreciate Wolliment Entertainment, the company that manages the group, because they entrusted Hoya and Dongwoo a sub-unit. The company believed that the two could make it without Myungsoo, the most good-looking member or Sunggyu, the best vocalist. So far, INFINITE H is the only sub-unit of the group. Next year, there might be another unit. Why not, right? After all, Wolliment has lots of surprises in store for all the Inspirits around the world. 

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