December 14, 2013

Kpop Saturday #9: Miss A's I Don't Need A Man

Anneyong Haseyo!

Here’s one example of a video that I have liked at first view and listen. It was my friend who showed this to me. I instantly downloaded the mv so that I can play it over and over again.

This is for all the independent ladies..

(Oh wow, this one has an English subtitle!)

Date Released: October 2012

Current views on Youtube: 13.5M

I always don’t seek the meaning of a kpop song by finding its lyrics translated in English in the Internet. When I like a kpop song, I would listen to it even though I’d be forever oblivious of what the lines are saying. So yeah, I only get the hint of what this song is all about from what its video shows and the English words the lyrics’ contain.

I DON’T NEED A MAN to get what I want because I can do it on my own! ---- is the loudest message I got from the mv. If an independent woman needs a man, it’s not because she needs money but for the reason that she loves the person. A lot of females nowadays that they’re main factor in choosing a partner is the wealth a man has and they give a little consideration on how they feel about him. They are not to be discriminated, of course. Because more often than not, it is better that you let your mind win rather than your fragile heart. But the ones who deserve to be admired are those women who don’t follow the shadow of a man just to get rich. This song wants to honor them. This song sends a message to each one of them that the road they chose to travel is something to be proud of.

the singers present themselves in the video. I’m not a total feminist but I simply love what the song is talking about. My favorite part is from 2:58 to 3:10. Although I don’t understand the rap, the rapper’s facial expression, moves and voice is just so good that you think you understand what she’s saying. I have to say that of all the girl rappers I have so far encountered, I find her to be the best.

Here are the four members of Miss A:

JIA (Meng Jia):

FEI (Wang Fei Fei):

MIN (Lee Min Young):

SUZY (Bae Su Ji):

I actually have to go to Wikipedia first in order for me to give you the names of the two members. I only know Suzy and Fei. Suzy is the most popular member in the group. I first saw her in Dream High, a 2011 Korean tv series. I later on learned that she was a member of a kpop group. While I knew Fei during my discovery of this (I don’t need a man) video. I was on Youtube that time and I read on the comments of the mv. There were lots of beautiful comments about Fei, about how pretty and hot she is. I then googled her and I didn’t forget her since then. But if you were to ask me who is my favorite in this group, directly I’d say Suzy. Although she has awkward dance moves, and it is very obvious in this particular mv, I find her really, really pretty and charming. Oh how I wish I had her face!hehehe *envious*

P.S. Please don’t look forward of another Miss A music video because this is yet their only mv that I have loved.

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