December 14, 2013

The Most Handsome NBA Player

I've been watching a lot of NBA games recently.

I am interested to watch it because I've been rooting for this one awesome team.

And I do believe that they will be the champion next year. ;)

Yes, I have a favorite team and I have liked them since 2011!

But this post is not about that team because as the title says, it is about the most handsome NBA player.

The most handsome NBA player that will be revealed here is just from my own taste/perspective.

This is not derived from any survey done in the internet.

You must understand, though, that I have not watched all the teams play in this regular season. So I might miss someone way more good-looking than this person I'm going to show you.

I just find this guy so attractive despite his beard!

I usually don't like men with beards because I find them dirty-looking, but he is one of the few exceptions.

Ricky Rubio is the name.


According to Mr. Wiki, he is the first player born in the 1990s to be drafted by the NBA. He entered the league in 2011 and is in the Minnesota Timberwolves ever since.


He is from the country that colonized the Philippines for over 300 years! Yes, that is Spain. :) He is the 10th Spanish who has ever played in the NBA. As you know, NBA isn't limited to American players. They will get the best no matter where that person comes from. I wonder when will a pure Filipino will ever get to play in the NBA.


He stands 6 feet and 4 inches! Ikr, I will look like a midget if I'd be standing next to him! But I really wouldn't mind if that's the case as long as I can take a picture with him! :p


He actually looks like more of a hollywood actor to me than a basketball player. Being an actor can be his job option. :p

But in the NBA, I am not into WOLVES, I'm not even loving the HEAT. I want THUNDER, only THUNDER!!!! :D

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