January 11, 2014

Kpop Saturday #13: SISTAR19's Gone Not Around Any Longer

Date Released: January 2013

Current Views on Youtube: 11.2 million

I really, really love this song. I think, for last year, this was one of the top 5 Kpop songs that I played most. It is just perfect. I love the beat. I love the art of its slowness. And most especially, I praise Hyorin's voice. For me, she has the best vocals among the female singers in Korea. Her voice is one of a kind. I just can't think of someone who has the same voice as hers.

It was my sister who told me to check out their song. I said that I wouldn't because I thought that I may not like it, and besides, they were just a sexy group. My sister convinced me that the song was really good. She suggested to ignore their dance steps and just focused on the song. I eventually tried because it wouldn't hurt me to spend few minutes of my time to listen to it. Also, I got curious of it since my sister was nagging me about it. Good thing, the song was actually good and it is still good after several times of listening to it.

I don't like the sexy dance steps. For me, it is not necessary. Also, I find their seductive steps to have downgraded their song a little bit. That is just me saying, ok? I am aware, though, that this group is catering male adults' viewership so they have to create these moves to appeal to their taste. But in general, I've got praise to this beautiful song. :)

Gone Not Around Any Longer is apparently a sad song. It is about someone being left alone by the one she dearly loves which makes her miserable in every waking moments. Here is some parts of the lyrics of the song (obviously) translated to English:
Why am I foolishly
withering every day?
Like a flower that lost its light,
I have lost you
I can only say that it hurts,
it hurts, it’s sad, by myself
Again tonight, I fall asleep as I cry

source: kromanized

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