January 31, 2014

Sad Truth About Some Lawyers

Not all lawyers are after justice. They want to win even though they are on the wrong side. Winning is very important to them more than anything else. They want to show the world that they are so good that together with their clients, they can escape the punishment of the law even with heavy evidence against them. I am maybe wrong but that's how I see them.

I wish I were a lawyer to understand them. I want to understand why they choose to look and say foolish things just to defend their clients. It is as if they were under some spell to be so stupid to figure out that a concrete evidence shows how big liars are the people seeking for their help. They even have the nerve to convince people that they are saying the truth!

I despise criminals, as well as lawyers who know the truth but are still defending the crimes of the inhumane deeds of some people. It is just so sad that these lawyers use their intelligence to protect the bad guys.

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